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There is no universal definition for academic readiness but I would define it as being fully prepared in all aspects of your academic pursuit. It would start with yourself and understanding your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve your areas of opportunity. Taking care of your health both physically and mentally to ensure you are prepared for any obstacle that you will come across. What concerns, if any, do you have with academic writing and reading? The only concern I may have with my reading is scheduling the time for it all. I feel very confident with my writing in addition to the resources I have available to me. I enjoyed learning about the Center for Writing Excellence and will utilize the tools such as Riverpoint Writer. What two university resources will you use to strengthen your writing and reading skills (refer to your Student Resources Worksheet)? The two university resources I will be using to strengthen my reading and writing skills all come from the Center for Writing Excellence. First one being the Tutorials: Guidelines for Writing Academic Essays.

This will help from start to finish with developing the idea, to organizing and then effectively express my idea or argument. The second resource is tutorials on Building Writing Confidence. This is help when I have feel stressed or overwhelmed, which could prevent me from writing. What is your personal learning style (refer to the Ch. 1 Aplia homework)? MY personal learning style is Mode 1: Feeling. After reading the descriptions I knew right away what type I was. I have a very imaginative ability and sometime I have the inability to make decisions. This is true when it comes to food and where I should decide to eat. What are two obstacles you might need to overcome (refer to your Life Factors and personality assessments)? The two obstacles I may need to overcome my time management and procrastination.

A full time single dad, fulltime employee and a student is a lot to handle or any one and it will be a balancing act to stay organized and on top of everything. Procrastination is something that can drag me down if I don’t stick to a schedule. What strategies can you use to overcome these obstacles and be successful? The strategies I have started to use to overcome my obstacles are my one-month calendar with specific blocks of time set for work, school and recreation. I learned how to properly set a schedule and in addition to setting SMART goals. How does knowing your personal learning style help you be successful? Understanding the different modes and types of learning will make it easier to simply change habits to acquire new learning styles.

I feel it’s very important to understand all the types of learning styles to increase my level of success in my education and my career. Having the ability to recognize what type of learner a friend or colleague maybe is invaluable. Do you feel you are ready for the academic and financial commitment of attending college? Yes I know I am ready for the academic and financial commitment of attending college. The question I ask myself is the same question the Dean asked in the video. What the heck am I doing here? The answer is simple: to advance in my career and that ultimately is for my family How can goal setting and time management help you reach your goals?

Goal setting and time management are extremely important to my success. Large goals and dreams can be broken in smaller goals and therefore much easier to accomplish. They become for effective as well being specific, measureable, and attainable. Time management is something that is very important since having a fulltime job and two kids while in school limits the amount of time available. I have to ensure my time is used wisely.

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