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How would you see the conflict between Yusuf and Latifa be solved? Essay Sample

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How would you see the conflict between Yusuf and Latifa be solved? Essay Sample

Conflict can be defined as a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something that the first party cares about. Conflict is also an outcome of behaviors and cannot be avoided in an organization as long as organizations continue to use work teams since it is an inevitable aspect of work teams. There is three types of interactionist conflict that occur when interact with people which is task conflict, relationship conflict, and process conflict.

From my point of view, I think that the conflict between Yusuf Chang and Latifa Hamid can be categories in functional conflict such as task conflict and process conflict. In the case study, both of Yusuf and Latifa were demanding by the Board in generating more profit with the limited budget and downsize the operation and completely close several branches. The conflict between Yusuf and Latifa occur due to the different value in overcome the organizational profit issue. Thus, the conflicts occur when they have different opinion over how work gets done in order to achieve the goals of the work.

The conflict can be solved through the stages in the conflict process. First and foremost, find out the potential opposition or incompatibility in stage 1. Yusuf and Latifa are two people that with the different personal value system and totally different personality types. For example, As a CEO of Metro Bank, Yusuf have directive leadership style. Whereas, as a Group Operations Manager (GOM) for Bunga Raya Bank, Latifa like to makes time to listen to staff voice. In stage 2, Cognition and personalization. Conflict can be perceived through awareness someone in the existence of conditions that cause to the conflict.

Yusuf and Latifa should aware that the difference of point of view were lead to this conflict. In stages 3, the conflict-handling intentions can proceed through cooperativeness by trying to satisfy the other party’s concerns. The communication on the way of thinking between Yusuf and Latifa toward the intention is important. In stage 4, conflict management in term of behavior can be proceed until the conflict solved. The conflict between Yusuf and Latifa can be manage by use of resolution techniques to reach the end of conflict or desired level of conflict. In the final stage, the outcome will be functional and dysfunctional.

Thus, if the outcome are functional, the problem will be solved with the increased group performance and also quality of decisions. However, there is also have the possibility to have the dysfunctional outcome after the final stage. In this case, Yusuf and Latifa can negotiate by using integrative tactics in teams and put the related issue on table to exchange goods or service. The negotiation process involve from preparation and planning, definition of ground rules, clarification and justification, bargaining and problem solving, closure and implementation.

The negotiation process that seeks toward the settlements that will create a win-win solution. Hence, Yusuf and Latifa should have a confrontation among each other to discuss on the win-win solution that will achieve what both of them want to achieve from the conflict. They should recognize the origin of the organization systems gap and work together to find out the best solution to settle the demand from the Board while protect the benefit of staffs and customers. In conclusion, layoffs will be the last option when there is no win-win solution in resolute the conflict.

Moreover, layoffs will be implement after prudent consideration from all aspect to achieve the best solution for the organization benefit. From the case study, we learn that the conflict can be minimize and solved through the conflict process and negotiation. Last but not least, Yusuf should listen to other opinion but no do thing in his own way however Latifa should consider the company long term strategies professionally because he know well the company policies in order to have cooperation in handling the organizational issues.


ADDIN Mendeley Bibliography CSL_BIBLIOGRAPHY Thakore, D. (2013). Conflict and Conflict Management. Journal of Business and Management, 8(6), 7–16.

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