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It is important that a that Vodafone plan their human resource carefully because it might effect the cash flow or even bad publicity e.g. the disaster that aroused at terminal 5 this happened due to a major laps in their human resource planning they didn’t have the staff with the relevant skills to operate the luggage belt.

External Factors

Political- this is government affected legislations e.g. companies might be asked to employ more people with disabilities.

Economical- theses are factors that concern the economy, due to the current credit crises people don’t have as much money leftover to spend on other things which will lead to businesses going down. All this might result into an increase in redundancies and less jobs.

Social- this will mean Vodafone will have to recruit more staff in order for them to work nights. People have a 24 hour lifestyle so shops will have to stay open later in order to cater for customer needs. People come home late from work and then they like to have a rest then maybe go shopping.

Technological- greater use of computers will mean Vodafone will have to recruit more staff who skilled in that area as Vodafone offers online chat advice.

tyle="text-align: justify;">Internal Factors Organisation needs-

Vodafone might launch new services such as online chats with Vodafone this will save customers calling Vodafone and holding for a long period of time. This might result in Vodafone generating more sales and recruiting more technically minded and qualified staff in order to carry out theses tasks.

Skill audit- the skills an organisation need are constantly changing with new technology and Vodafone need to make sure they have the right workforce in order to carry out duties such as internet skills and mobile phone knowledge e.g. if a customer calls in with a technical difficulty the staff will have to know what the customer is talking about and provide the relevant technical support.

Profile of workforce-age. If a lot of the workforces are due to retire then Vodafone will have to recruit a younger workforce. Retirement may not be the reason for staff leaving it may be because they are not qualified to carry out the new services that Vodafone are going to introduce.

If Vodafone want to open new branches in different countries they would need to recruit people with those language skills.

External Factors

These are factors which Vodafone have no control

* Government policy can effect recruitment for example Vodafone may be requested to employ more disabled people.

* Economic recession will mean people spending less money on phone contracts which will mean Vodafone will have to get rid of some of their employees. This would mean labour would be cheap for Vodafone but there would be less people buying goods.

* Labour costs- in the UK everybody has to be paid the national minimum wage.

* Skill shortage in the area might lead to Vodafone recruiting someone from abroad who is technically minded but can’t speak English very well.

* The workforce might expect to work part time or night shift and Vodafone have to accommodate these expectations.

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