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Huffington Post and Fox News Essay Sample

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Huffington Post and Fox News Essay Sample

The contrast in viewpoints between Huffington Post and Fox News in general could not be more pronounced, as each endeavor to cater to specific viewpoints; in the case of Huffington Post more Liberal, and Fox News more Conservative leaning. However because this story relates to a proposal that is being put together by both Lindsey Graham from the Republican Party, and Chuck Schumer of the Democratic Party the content on Fox News is somewhat more centrist than the usual fare, to emphasize the working across the aisles on immigration reform. Typically Republican attitudes have been to stonewall any pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and any attempt at “amnesty” for them. However the Democratic view point leans towards allowing immigrants to amnesty and work toward attainment of citizenship more easily by achieving certain milestones. In this news story both Senators recognize that there has been no real progress on the immigration question, so they must attempt working together on this blueprint to allow a way forward from the current immigration quagmire.

As it stands, Republicans suffered a crushing loss in this year’s election with Latino voters because of their immigration stance. Candidate Mitt Romney several times during the election came out and said he would veto the Dream act and encourage people to “Self-Deportation”. There was no quarter given to the Latino community and it showed heavily on Election Day. Up to this point the Fox article mentions that the assumption is that most people in the United States favor Legal Immigration but do not favor illegal immigration. However the Huffington Post article states that the majority of Latinos favor a path even for undocumented immigrants towards citizenship if they merit it based on accomplishments, long term stay, and paying taxes. It has increasingly caused a rift between the Republican Party and the Latino community and in 2000, 2004, 2008, followed by 2012 there were less Latinos voting Republican than ever before. The rhetoric of the GOP has alienated them, and the loss of more Latino election votes may have just been the deciding factor in President Obama crushing win over Mitt Romney in the recent election.

The democratic views on immigration are that anyone legal or illegal that passes a background check, and works hard, pays taxes can apply to fully participate in America. This is in sharp contrast to the illegal immigrants are a burden on society, take jobs from Americans, abuse the system to their own advantage, and must be secured and returned to their own native countries as soon as possible traditional viewpoint of the more extreme position of the Republican Party. However reflecting on the losses and looking towards the future of this country, both articles from Huffington Post and Fox News, summarize that this joint effort may be a good thing, and a signal of some progress for working together and for a real bi-partisan fix to a real problem facing the country.


Fox News. (2012, November 11). Graham, Schumer offer immigration plans, as reform becomes hot post-race issue http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/11/11/graham-schumer-offer-immigration-plans-as-reform-becomes-hot-post-race-issue/ Huffington Post. (2012, November 11). Senate Immigration Talks: Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer Restart Discussions http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/11/senate-immigration_n_2113658.html

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