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1. First, how would you recommend we go about reducing the turnover in our stores? , Recruiting and retaining plays a very important role in an organization’s efficiency and profitability.. High employee turn over affects companies in a number of ways and are very common in jobs that only require a high school diploma. Every time an employee leaves, he takes with him a major share of valuable organizational knowledge with him. Employees constantly leaving does not give a sense of loyalty from the owners and can discourage others to stay. They must come up with an competitive advantage against competitors that will boost morale, integrity. Recruiting many will give them options and raise them options and possibly raise the bar on being qualified,. But if direct and indirect costs are considered, replacing an employee comes with heavy cost in terms of money and time. High turnover results in employer/managers active involvement in recruiting and training which in affects the efficiency of the business also.

2. Provide a detailed list of recommendations concerning how we should go about increasing our pool of acceptable job applicants so we no longer face the need to hire almost anyone who walks in the door. (Recommendations regarding the latter should include completely worded online and hard-copy advertisements and recommendations regarding any other recruiting strategies you would suggest we use.)

(a) First we create a detailed list with all requirements we need for the job. There are different strategies to find suitable employees: (b) Internal candidate already knows the workings of the company and the company knows their strengths and weaknesses. (Familiarity) (c) External candidates is recruiting and interviewing. Going through the numbers will give more choices to choose who is possibly the best for the job. (d) Rehires can be considered if the employee left for personal reasons (family, give birth, death or layed off due to company finances) but have a great work history of productivity, loyalty, integrity and knows the job well. (e) Recruiting via internet

Most people nowadays use the internet to find suitable jobs. For this reason it is important for us to have a good internet presentation, which includes our homepage, Online Recruiting Job Boards and Social Media Websites. If we want to recruit new applicants over the internet, it is important to formulate a detailed list with all requirements the applicant need for the job.

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