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Human resource management is the process in how we manage employees and issues within an organization. HRM is responsible for the recruitment, interviewing and unfortunately the firing process as well. Maintaining employee records and dealing with government regulations in regards to employment law are amongst several tasks performed by HR each day. HRM is not solely performed by the individuals in the HR Department. HRM is managed by managers as well as supervisors alike. Managers and Supervisors are responsible for the day to day support of their employees. HR provides the foundation of guidelines in which employees and managers alike must follow. HR serves as support and tools for these managers to successfully motivate and manage their employees. HRM is responsible for the management, planning, organizing, leading and controlling the processes and procedures to maximize the efficiencies of an organization. Management is the process of completing tasks with and through other people.

Planning is setting the goals and plans for HR objectives. Organizing is setting up the job descriptions and duties and assigning them to the right parties. Leading is a function that HR needs to be the best it can be. Leading is the directing of others to follows the plans set by the organization for all its members. Controlling is a function in which HR has the abilities to set the boundaries to maximize the productiveness of its employees. HRM was once solely responsible for basic employee support with compensation and benefits. There is still the social aspect for HR such as coordinating a company picnic or holiday party. These are the things that an organization has to get people to feel connected outside of the office but HRM has evolved into something much more complex. With being the foundation for the organization HRM is what joins the organization with its management and employees.

There are several internal and external factors that can determine how successful HR will be. External factors such as globalization, government legislation and management practices can impact the organizations way of doing business. These external influences are out of the control of the organization in most instances. HRM has goals they set out to accommodate in the most time and cost efficient way possible. Categories such as staffing, training and development, motivation and maintenance are the areas that HRM develop plans for employee management. HRM is responsible for making sure that everyone is treated fairly and that the organization is represented well. Staffing involves recruiting and selection. Adequately staffing is important so that you fit the right people with the right jobs and that they stay long term. In the event of a reduction of workforce exit assistance is just as important as maintaining active employees. Training and development is ongoing through a person and organizations life cycle.

Keeping employees and the business up to speed on what is going on benefits everyone. Assisting employees with personal growth keeps them motivated and happy in doing what they do. Motivation is done by offering rewards for personal growth by means of additional compensation, recognition and promotion. Maintenance is HR’s responsibility to the employee for clear communication safety and health. If HR isn’t strong then the organization will not be strong and the effects will eventually be seen. HR is a big piece of an organizations puzzle. They must continually strive to keep up on the changes of the business and find ways to keep the employees up to speed with those changes. HR also but be the mediator when issues arise between coworkers or managers.

Being the outside party helps each party to be adequately represented so that a swift and resolution is met. HR is a busy place in any organization big or small. While some of the tasks are same across the board some are specific to the industry and size or the organization. It is imperative to an organization to have a solid HR department to keep everything in order and make the best environment for everyone to be in. “Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them; they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.” – Ken Robinson

DeCenzo, D. A., & Robbins, S. P. (2007). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (9th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

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