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I contact your good office about considering a full/part-time job position. With relevant working experience, I have first-hand knowledge of the challenges of working in an office setting. I earned a Bachelor of Arts Major in English degree from the University of the East- Manila. In addition, I studied an online course about Communicating across Cultures from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Open Courseware. In addition to my education, I have office work experiences which are related to Data/ Information Management, Research, Editing, Publication, Oral and Written Communication and Computer Technology. Just before I graduated last December 9, 2013, I worked as a trainee (Writer/Researcher) at HQ Systems, Makati City. At Elitopia Academy, I worked as an English Instructor for Middle-age Korean students.

Recently, I worked as a researcher at Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation in Intramuros, Manila. During my last year as a college student, I have worked as an intern (Office Management and English Instructor) at UE- Manila, served as an Office Staff for both the Student Councils (University and College of Arts and Sciences) in UE- Manila, as a contributor writer for the UE campus paper “The Dawn” and as a 3rd year representative in my course’s organization.

I also worked as a freelance Copywriter/Proofreader; editing and writing researches, case and feasibility studies, documents and the like. Last year, I am assigned by the College of Arts and Sciences- UE Manila as a Research Associate of the English Department for their A.B. English Alumni Tracer Program, a vital requirement of the PAASCU Accreditation and the UE Quality Assurance Department. I am also assigned by the English Department as an Event/Program Head Officer for the 2013 English Week Celebration. My resume is enclosed for your consideration. I am always available for an examination and interview to assess and discuss my qualifications. You can reach me at 0935-9064372, or feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

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