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Human Resources (HR) Planning Process Presentation Essay Sample

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Human Resources (HR) Planning Process Presentation Essay Sample

The first major human resources (HR) function that the Marine Depot Maintenance Command’s human resources department should focus on is employment and recruiting. The Human Resources (HR) team evaluates staffing needs and recruits staff to fill those needs to support existing and future missions. They use targeted advertising and recruiting strategies in an effort to attract qualified candidates to fill their staffing needs. They recognize the link between the ability of the government to serve its American citizens and the capability of its public workforce. They also comply with laws and regulations, leverage hiring and compensation flexibilities, and contribute to the attainment of hiring goals.

The HR function of employment and recruitment affects the internal analysis of the human resources strategic planning process. It causes requires the HR team to focus, especially on the three Cs: culture: discussions among top-level managers of how the organization’s culture reveals itself to employees and how it can be influenced or improved, competencies: integrated skills and knowledge sets within an organization that distinguish it from its competitors and deliver value to customers, and composition: managers need to determine whether people are available, internally or externally, to execute an organization’s strategy (Bohlander & Snell, 2007, pps. 58-60). It causes the HR team to identify current and future work requirements, workloads, new technology, process changes, mission changes, etc.

It causes the HR team to provide workforce data, labor market data, and analysis to their supervisor. It causes the HR team to advise more on human resources policies, programs, and strategies. It causes the HR team to develop candidate profiles that identify desired employee competencies needed to meet mission requirements and performance objectives. It causes the HR team to participate more in marketing and strategic recruiting activities such as job fairs, outreach to professional associations, and social networking while representing the Marine Depot Maintenance Command. It also causes the HR team to participate more in the selection, job offer, and on-boarding processes.

The second major HR function that the Marine Depot Maintenance Command’s human resources should focus on is training and development. The HR team at the Marine Depot Maintenance Command wants the right people for the right job at the right time. The HR team wants to make sure they provide the right career tools to attract and keep a strong civilian workforce. They provide integrated career tools and information through training and development websites to help new employees become more efficient at what they do, to help them plan their career more effectively, and to increase their competitive edge for career advancement.

The HR function of training and development also affects the internal analysis of the human resources strategic planning process. According to the book, Strategic Human Resource Management, New hires are often inundated with forms, procedures, and people but lack a strong sense of the business and operations in which they have begun to work. While new-hire orientation programs can attempt to assist new employees in their transition into the workplace, if the programs are not developed in tandem with any strategic objectives or in concert with other HR programs and/or critical operational areas of the organization, they often do not have a significant impact on the new hire’s ability to fully understand the entire organization and their place in it (Mello, 2006, pp. 402-403).

This human resources (HR) function causes the HR team to focus more on developing exemplary new employee orientation and training programs. It causes the HR team to consider internship positions that includes new employee training rotation. These internship positions add benefits for new employees who want to increase their professional work experience. These internship positions allow new hires to sample different kinds of work within the organization and determine an optimal fit between their needs and interests and those of the organization. It also cause the HR team to consider the types of employees they should hire and the skills and knowledge these employees will need to ensure optimal performance over time.

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