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Human Resources Management Essay Sample

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Human Resources Management Essay Sample

HRM is a tactical approach to the accomplishment, development, motivation and management of the company’s HR. Many familiar/common functions of personnel managers including manpower management development, performance appraisal, planning, salary administration, and training and management development are the techniques for the utilisation of HMR. Three meaning are broadly attached to the concept of HRM.

Firstly, an individual working in an organization is regarded as a valuable source, meaning that there is a requirement to invest effort and time in their development. Secondly, HMR have their own exceptional features and, therefore, cannot be treated like material resources. The approach here focuses on the need to humanise organisational life and introduce human values in the organisation.

Lastly, HR does not just focus on employees as individuals, but on other social units, realities, and processes in the establishment. These involve the role or the post a person undertaken in an organisation.

Functions of HR

HRs functions are many and varied and include HR planning, selecting, recruiting, counselling employees, compensation management, training and employer-employee relations. In small organisations, most HR functions are performed by owners or operating managers. Large organisations usually have a HR or personnel department that is responsible for co-ordinating and directing the HR functions

Most important part of HR functions.

The most important functional parts in HRM are:
Employee development
Employee maintenance.

Functions of HR.

Planning: The type and number of employees required to achieve organisational objectives are determined In the HR Planning function. An important element of this function is research because planning entails the compilation and analysis of information so that HRs supplies and future can be forecast and predicted. The basic HR planning strategy is employee and staffing development.

Staffing: Staffing emphasises the recruitment and selection of the HR for an organisation. HR planning and recruiting precede the actual selection of people for positions in an organisation. Recruiting is the personnel function that attracts qualified applicants to fill job vacancies. In the selection function, the most qualified applicants are selected for hiring from among those attracted to the organisation by the recruiting function. On selection, human resource functionaries are involved in developing and administering methods that enable managers to decide which applicants to select and which to reject for the given jobs.


The HRs of an organisation represents one of its largest investments and it can be concluded that the successful HR management is essential to organisational growth and success. In the light of new challenges, there are indications that HR people will play an increasingly important role in an organisation’s long-range planning and policy-making activities.

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