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  1. Develop a training program for this position, including different types of training orientation, continuing education, on the job training, etc.). Include goals of training and method of measurement.

The position of Dialysis Technician requires the candidate for the position to have undergone training for the job. This training would take the form of on the job training as well as specific hands on learning and class room based sessions. The training would be focused on providing dialysis care, handling, monitoring and managing the dialysis equipment, monitoring and handling the patient as well as having understanding of the technical data and charts relevant to the dialysis process.

The goals of the training program would be to develop the trainee and to educate him in the specific skills and techniques requires handling and monitoring of the equipment and the patient in order to make the dialysis process less risky and smoother and comfortable. The technician’s job is to provide assistance and support to the nurses the doctors and the patients during the dialysis process

The measurement of the progress of the technician trainee would be conducted in both class room type and practical testes. The class room test swill tests whether the technician is able to recall all the salient points of the process while the practical test will check the confidence and examine the skill with which the technician carries out the dialysis the process.

  1. Compare and contrast two methods for conducting new hire orientation (such as use of lectures, computers, self-study modules, preceptors, etc.) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each. –

New hire orientation is basically supposed to introduce the new recruit to the company, the colleagues and the job itself.

Orientation through the lectures takes the form of a representative, usually the senior HR management, introducing the company to the new recruits. They are oriented in a auditorium or similar setting where a large number of new hires undergo orientation at the same time. The advantage of this type of orientation is that it is less costly as large number of news hires can under go orientation at the same time. However it is much more impersonal in nature and can leave certain doubts and questions in the minds of the new hires which they might be reluctant to ask in the lecture based setting.

The computers method usually has a computer with orientation software and presentation on the system. Every new hire is assigned to the computer and undergoes orientation through the software on the system. The computer ordination provides the advantage the real time on the job orientation actually takes place where the job description is better understood. Aside from this the person is able to question the software about any questions that may be presented in tit FAQ. A simulation style presentation also provides the new recruit with a more personalized orientation. However the main disadvantage of this form of orientation is that it does not introduce and provide a platform of work relationships to be established and introduces.


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