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1. Apply your knowledge of stereotyping and social identity theory to explain what went wrong here? In this case, there is a communication misunderstanding between Rochelle Beauport and Syd Gilman. Rochelle Beauport believed she did not get the promotion she deserved, moreover, it seems like that she had been sidelined for being a women and “could take the heart in marketing management. For this case, there have not apparent evidence to support Gilman have stereotyped of Rochelle Beauport, Gilman was more likely to provide a good job opportunity for promotion in the future. By contrast, I think should be that Rochelle Beauport stereotyped of Syd as white man with gender stereotype. Social identity theory (McShane & Steen, 2012, p68-69) is applies for this case. Rochelle Beauport stated herself as “one of the top women and few visible minorities in brand management at Hy Dairies.” Her identity would contributed to her incorrect perception and opinion of Syd’s position arrangement for her.

2. What other perceptual error is apparent in this case study? False-consensus effect (McShane & Steen, 2012, p.78) should be another perceptual error, which is someone overestimates the extent to which others have beliefs and characteristics similar to own, Syd thought that the positon of market research coordinator would be a great opportunity for Beauport, but Beauport did not think like same way, so this leaded they misunderstand each other.

3. What can organizations do to minimize misperceptions in these types of situation? For Hy Dairies Ltd, Firstly, I recommend that company should trained the staff have Global Mindset ((McShane & Steen, 2012, p.81-83). Staff try to begin with self-awareness by understanding one’s beliefs, values, and attitudes, become more open-minded and less judgmental. Secondly, the staff who have conflicts or misunderstanding in communication should have a one-on-one or group meeting, address their own concerns and explain themselves. The meeting will create meaningful and useful interaction, the staff will understand each other more and be more mindful with their actions in the future.

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