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Hypertext Mark-up Language Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

This present study is intended to design Computer Aided Instruction in Hypertext Mark-up Language. This study also sought to answer the following answer: 1. What is the content of the Computer Aided Instruction in Hypertext Mark-up Language? 2. What is the software used?

3. What is the level of acceptability in terms of user-friendliness, audio and visual? Assumptions of the Study
The present study of the researchers was guided by the following assumptions: 1. The contents of the system are the different topics about the Hypertext Mark-up Language. In the topic, there will be discussion about it and at the end, an allotted test to challenge the skills gained by the users relative to the said topic. 2. The Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and Macromedia Flash are the needed software to develop the Computer Aided Instruction in Hypertext Mark-up Language. 3. The material is user-friendly and easy to navigate even by those with no broad background in computer. With the video and audio that is emb

edded to it, the user can understand better. Significance of the

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The results of the study will be useful to the following:
Students. They can use to have an effective and easy to access tool of learning. This Hypertext Mark-up Language will also enhance their interest to learn more in this application. It will encourage them boost their talent in designing a web page.

Instructors. It will serve as their medium of instruction to their teaching strategy.
IT Enthusiast. This software will guide them on how to use and to make a web page even if they don’t have a formal schooling in computer.
Future Researchers. This software will serve as a guide for future researchers about this study. This can be an additional source of information that they can improve and innovate. Scope and Delimitation

Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework of this study follows the system approach which consists of inputs, processes, outputs and feedbacks.
INPUT. It contains the content of the instructional material, the software used and the level of acceptability in terms of user friendliness, audio and visual.

PROCESSES. The researchers conducted and gathered information through informal interview with the teachers as well as with the students, and other written works from the past researchers for the related reading materials. Design preparation wherein the collected data are bought to plan a new system.

OUTPUT. The final result of the study is the Computer Aided Instruction in
Hypertext Mark-up Language.
FEEDBACK. It is needed in Computer Aided Instruction in Hypertext Mark-up Language to improve and develop the instructional result that helps both teachers and students and other enhancement requirement.

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