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I dream of strange horizons, where the sun never sets.
I dream of strange lands where the sky is strange to me.
I dream of landscapes that are new and strange, I dream of lands that only I have ever seen. I dream of travels around the globe, looking at a new sunset every day, at a new sunrise every morning. I dream of crawling through tiny spaces and looking at the small beaches no one ever visits, at the sand no one ever treads on. I wish to wake up every morning not knowing the road will take me, not caring about where I might end the night. I want to live every moment as if it were my last.

I dream of stars and their secrets, of the millions of stories in their bellies. I dream of the pristine planets around them, I dream of the strange rings that surround them. My minds eye wanders the night sky, rushing through space, escaping earth, escaping. I float away, imagining the brilliant beauty that surrounds us, the comets, the meteors, the lost planets that may be thrived with life once. I travel to dead stars, I sit and ponder on their glorious lives. I attend super novas and big bangs, look at a new star being born. I see gas clusters, I see planets forming, I see the beginning of life. I dream far and wide, my body floats away, trying to gauge the length to the other galaxy, yearning to know its secrets. I dream of a place far away from here, a place for me, where the sun never sets, and where the sky shines blue, where thebeaches have no ones footprints but my own, where the world stands still as I lie down, where I can be quiet and listento my heart beat, my breathing, where I can sit and not notice the time pass me by. I dream.

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