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I can still remember clearly.It was the newspaper headline one year ago that shook the entire Townsville. Lisa Davies, an eighteen year old student of the local high school had fallen off the balcony at a house party (under the influence of alcohol ) and died of severe internal bleeding. Lisa Davies was …my best friend.

Memories of Lisa and I go way back in time.We were both ten, had just moved to town and were unfamiliar with our surroundings.our friendship came naturally,we lived in the same neighbourhood,went to the same school and therefore,became really good friends.Lisa was always the dominant one between the two of us,she was outgoing and cute,she had outstanding achievements in both academics and sports and was adored by all teachers. I was proud of her and was always there for support. We dressed the same laughed at the same jokes and even had the same hairstyle, we did everything together. Then, something happened. High school happened.

Lisa blossomed into a beautiful young lady with flawless skin, curvaceous body and sleek hair, typical center of all the boys’ attention and impossible for me to catch up with. It was when Lisa started dating the crush of my life that various emotions started creeping in, but, I shrugged it off anyway. During the second term of our matric year, the rugby team’s captain held a home party. Lisa went so I tagged along. Lisa, like all the others was so drunk and decided to get some fresh air, she went out to the balcony and according to the newspapers, slipped and fell.” Unfortunately there were no witnesses since all were under the influence of alcohol and had vague memory of that specific day’’ was what was written in the newspaper article.

The ugly truth that I never told anyone and never managed to get off my conscience, was the blurry yet present vision of Lisa holding recklessly onto the railings, hanging by a thread, grasping for my help as I willingly let her silently, slowly slip through my fingers into the cold night air…

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