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I Swear I Saw It Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

I was inside my house, my lovely country house. I was watching the television on my creamy sofa as I normally would every night. I was not planning to go outside on this cold foggy night. Why would I anyway? It looks so dangerous. Anyway, my favourite show Arrow had just finished and I was tired. “That was amazing, the best episode yet,”

Even though the series had begun a few weeks ago, I was really interested and fascinated by it. I turned to my watch, 11:07pm. It was getting late. I decided to make myself a snack before I headed up to the snooze house. “When I say snooze house, I mean bed.”

As I walked up the stairs I saw a massive flash surrounding the house with the electrical brightness of a million light bulbs, followed by a head exploding bang. I crashed to the ground. I was more shocked but not hurt. As I got up I looked around but I could only see darkness. I was terrified. I tried finding my way to my room to get a torch or some kind of light source. I was terrified. After lots of struggle I managed to find a torch. As I flicked the switch on, I walked back down the stairs. I was afraid that these wooden steps may collapse on me. I checked my watch, 11:39pm. When I made my way to the night table with the lamp on top, I opened the draw. I was looking for my handgun in the draw. I picked it up. I thought to myself,” Why would someone try attack me and my house. What makes them think so. It’s no

t right.” I wandered around the bottom floor of the old wooden

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house; looking for any damaged possessions to see if that would lead to a trail of some sort. I found nothing. I headed upstairs. I was fast heading up the old creaky steps. That got my heart racing. I checked the bathroom. Nothing. I checked the guest room. Nothing. I turned a corner through the thin hall toward my room. The door was closed. My heart was pumping. I was nervous and scared for my life. I slowly walked to the door, kicked it open… “Nothing? It can’t be.” I stood there disappointed.

As all hope left me I stared out the window, banging against it. I sighed. Unexpectedly I saw a blinding flash that again surrounded house. I paused for one moment. Then I heard the earth shaking explosion again. I crashed down to the ground floor of my bedroom. I jumped back up. “This is it! I yelled with great enthusiasm, I know where all this is coming from.” I raced through the scrawny hall and down the wooden steps and out the backyard door. I froze. I froze like solid ice, not believing what was clearly in front of me.

There it was, right in front of me. A real, live alien. I remained still, making sure I did not scare it. We were both looking at each other. It glowed radiantly in the moonless night. I stared at it, analysing its features. It was extremely tall and very skinny. I noticed it had huge hands. It also had gigantic feet. Then I thought of an amazing idea which to get me famous and possibly rich. I had to take a picture of it. I bolted back inside with my torch, searching for my camera. “Found it!”

I zoomed out to the backyard with my camera. I froze once more, this time in disappointment. The alien had disappeared. I fell to the ground, pounding the thick mushy grass. “It was right there! Now it’s gone? It can’t be.” I rose back up and walked back inside, not knowing what to do. I was blown away. I checked my watch, 12:01am. I threw myself onto the sofa, face planting onto the cushions. I sat up, shaking my head, trying to block what had happened out of my head. I was furious and frustrated. “It was right in front of me. Right in front my eyes. But it disappeared when I fetched for my camera. Ugh!” I thrashed my fists against the cushions.

“I Swear I Saw It!”
I slowly walked up the old wooden steps, down the hall and into my bedroom, trying to relax, trying to fall asleep.

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