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Introduction of TOPIC

Prudential: Brain is to Blame – Episode Two: I’ll Do It Later The following commercial of prudential contains statistics, and peer testimonies of the experiment. The commercial had to deal with procrastination and how using procrastination against another procrastination can help finish a prior job or objective. Statistics have shown that 95% of people procrastinate almost anything, from doing a work done, to everyday choices. Dr. Piers Steel of the University of Calgary, is an expert on procrastination and how the brain simulates many possibilities on the choices we make, but there an impulse within us that keeps us from doing that job done.

Eventually our impulses take over and our responsibilities weaken. In his experiment, he had 24 people and divided them into two groups: A and B. Both groups got a packet full of questions, but got group A to get a rest while group B keeps on doing the packet. After Group B finished with the packet, they got another worksheet and were asked if they wanted to do it now or to take it home. Dr. Steel proved that 1/3 of them took it home. He then brought back group A and asked them the same question with the worksheet.

All of them stayed. He has proven that group A He proved that group A was able to absorb 94% more information from just taking a break, 74% less discouraged to leave, and 71% to most likely finish a difficult task. A testimony of a man said that he could not believe that he finished that test and still have the pencil in his hand. The main goal of Prudential is to find ways to a better future for ourselves, from an investment, insurance, or to a retirement plan. They seek for a challenge to prove a positive way of looking towards the future. Hyperlink: http://youtu.be/qhyCgbFs95c

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