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1. Canales de distribución de Iberia

Currently, the major distribution Canals of Iberia are:

* The center service of Iberia Plus for enterprises and VIP’s.
* Telephone sales through their agents.
* At the airport.
* In the travel agencies.
* In the web page of Iberia and other search operators like; Atrápalo, Rumbo, eDreams, etc.

2. Analice los conflictos surgidos en el canal de distribución: ¿Por qué se originaron? In the beginning , the sales of Iberia depend in great measure of the travel agencies, which sold their travel tickets for an interest rate of 6% for national flights and 7,5% for international flights. With the appearance of the new online systems, people could buy the tickets through the web page of Iberia and were not necessary to go to a travel agency for buy them. For this reason,Iberia decided lower the commissions to travel agencies because they have their own web page for sell tickets online so Iberia could offer cheaper tickets in their web page. At first, the agencies rejected this decision taken by Iberia. The agencies threatened Iberia with not sell their tickets and they claim the money generated by the commissions. Nowadays, the travel agencies have accepted the descent of the commissions even the “Zero Commission” and they charge an average of 10 euros per person and per journey to their clients.

3. Analicen los inconvenientes y riesgos que para las agencias de viajes implicaba la primera propuesta de Iberia de implantación de sistemas de Comisiones Cero. Zero commission system was the impact of charges to customers instead of the airline, in this case, Iberia. Thus, a different conflict arose between agencies and Iberia because they believed that this would cause a significant loss of customers for web pages that could offer cheaper tickets and competitive. Finally, with the agreement, the agencies for a period of time were able to continue with their fees paid by Iberia happening then mixed by a step to reach full charge commissions to customers, as is the current system. At present, the role of agencies refers to selling large packages, made ​​by different tour operators in addition to selling tickets to different countries, which have special entry requirements or different visas, leaving the ticket sales easier to different web pages. So the national ticket or destinations within the European Union in the traditional agencies has dropped dramatically.

4. ¿Cómo valora el nuevo acuerdo al que han llegado Iberia y sus agencias? ¿Qué ventajas aporta a las agencias? In our opinion, the agreement between Iberia and travel agencies not favor the latter because they have seen that should increase the sales price to its customers while on paper, the price should not have increased shows that in reality, the agency price is higher than the client can get on different pages of search engines. So, from our point of view the agencies are outdated in a world where there have been many technological advances.

While on the one hand, the agencies have been diminished ticket sales, reflected in its accounts a slight increase and change of source of income since the purchase of travel packages. The price of said packets is greater and therefore the commissions are greater too.

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