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ICT – Communication and Handing Information Essay Sample

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ICT – Communication and Handing Information Essay Sample

Description of task:

My School has been awarded a performing arts college status and has received a sportsmark award. I was asked to compare the improvement of our ICT resources and so I decided to put together a ICT system to be used by students who are interested in after school clubs, I planned to put together a website.

Before putting together my website I will have to carry out research to find out as much as possible about each club I will have to find out the times they start, how long they go for, what days they are on, what teacher etc. Once my website is completed I check it with spellcheck and also do proof reading any pictures I insert, I will make sure they are the right size and in the right places, so they look good on the page. When I am happy with my website I will start o my database, which is a data sheet, deciding on the types of fields that are needed. After I have completed all my work I will publish my web site to the intranet and have my database installed in the Local Area Network (LAN) of the school.


Most of the ICT resources in our school are for teaching and for school administration. I wanted to produce something that was for the students by students.

I decided to create a website because I wanted to inform my fellow year members about different revision classes that are available to them so they can get extra help with work before the exams. Also it contained a calendar which has very important dates on it for year11 students including parents evening, NRA night etc. Lots of people go on websites to get information, so as my task was to do a website something to do with my school I thought the best one would be to tell people what’s available to them to help them. Also things like clubs are available to them so they can have some recreational time, and do things they can enjoy.

What inspired me to do a website on clubs and revision classes was lots of people in my year were unsure about revision classes and some didn’t even know that they were going on, so the way to solve the problem I decided to design a website were all the information is together and clear and and it would be specially designed for year11 and easy to access. The data I did was a flat database the collection of information was about the different teacher, who were doing different subjects, I want my website to be published to the intranet.


I am designing this website to let the viewers know what the school has in store for them and how they can achieve their full potential.

On my website I will contain brief detail about what clubs are running after school for students who wish to participate in them. I will also include time tables of where and when these programmes are being run. I will do this by using cut and paste through Microsoft excel.

My work will allow the users to find out what is happening at the moment with different subjects, it will also help them revise as I will try including types of revision timetables.

Design of ICT system:


I used various amount of hardware and software to bring forward my website:

Hardware used:

ISDN2 connection to the internet through a router: In order to carry out research and get information I needed to carry out some web searches. It would have been better to have a broadband connectivity to the net as this would have speeded my searches up. Users of my website will need to have internet connection, either through a modem or a router. Broadband would not be required as the site is fairly small, but the faster the user connectivity the quicker the site will appear. It would be possible to have the site installed locally on a machine without internet connection, but the links would not work.

Monitor, Mouse and keyboard: Obviously a monitor will be essential for you to do the work- see what you are doing, and check that it is right. A mouse and keyboard are pretty essential too, so you can input the information and do the design you want for your work.

Similarly your users will need monitor, mouse and keyboard connected to the workstation.

Software used:

I used Publisher instead of Datapower because I am not familiar with Datapower and have used Publisher before therefore Publisher would be easier to use.

Publisher: This is not the best program for the work and it might have been better to use HotMetal Pro. However there are clear advantages to Publisher – it is quick and simple and allows users to generate consistent web pages with ease. The limitation of it is that it tends to restricts users because of the small range of facilities available. It also is difficult to view, edit and change the HTML code directly.

For my Graphics I used Clip Art to portray my views by expressing them by pictures.

Operating System: The school network runs on Windows NT. This is a standard Operating System- and a familiar one to the majority of computer users.

Excel: Excel can be used to create the dataset- and provide a extra element of validation. The Excel file can be saved as CSV (comma separated value) format and then imported into Datapower.

Data and programme Structure

My database was constructed to arrange information under three different fields:

Output Format:

My database and website both designed for most the information to be outputted on screen. This meant I had to design it to make as user friendly as possible. I made the titles very clear and explained different things about the clubs. The buy dates in the calendar were marked out ace listed in bold. You could use the navigation bar to go back to the home page or to the other pages on the site.

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