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Introduction of TOPIC

All around every home, there is now evidence of ICT in almost every room. It may not be visible in the form of a computer monitor, however most appliances around the home have digital displays and a memory, and these are embedded computers. Here is an explanation of all the appliances expected to be found around the average home, and how they would be expected to be used.


The study is most probably the room in the house that has the most ICT in it. Almost 90% of the population have a computer in their home. A computer can be used for many different reasons, such as composing documents and playing games. Most people have access to the Internet, which is a worldwide network, where information can be accessed. Other appliances such as peripherals would be used to make a paper copy of these documents, or to make a copy of a document and store it on the computer memory. A telephone in the study would most probably be used more to connect onto the Internet than to receive calls.


There are not many ICT devices found in the kitchen, however, some appliances such as microwaves, ovens, cookers, bread makers, water filters and Internet fridges’ all have embedded computers, and these can be seen via a digital display, and would be used to display the time or other relevant information to the appliances, such as a timer. The Internet fridge however would be used to order food from your fridge and the water filter has and indicator to show when the filter needs to be changed.


In a utility, you can usually find ICT embedded computers in dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers. These are used for cleaning clothes or other general washing. This would be used frequently. The embedded computers show information such as what setting the wash is set at and how hot the wash shall be.


The main appliance that is found in every lounge is a television, which is found in many other rooms too. This is used to watch programs that are received from a satellite. Also a television has other features such as teletext that is used to find information. If the television is con

nected to a digital channel receiver, formally known as a ‘digital box’ then one is able

to receive more programs. This applies to a satellite dish as well. DVD players and VCR’s are very similar in the fact they both read a tape or CD and play a film. However a DVD player reads a CD which has chapters and sometimes has games and extras which need the person to interact with the DVD such as you would when using a computer. A VCR reads a tape and can also record things being shown on the television. This means the VCR can also include a timer, for recording, plus many other features. Most people will have a stereo or Hi-fi in their lounge, which can receive radio waves, read and plays CD’s and plays cassettes. This may be connected to a surround sound system that is generally used when watching a DVD or a cassette on the VCR


The bedroom is home to different types of ICT such as games consoles, musical instruments, stereos, televisions, toys and mobile phones. All of these are mainly used for amusement. Games consoles are used to play complex games on via the television. Musical instruments such as electric guitars are connected to an amplifier that amplifies the sound of the guitar. Stereos are used to play CDs and tapes, and televisions are used to show live broadcasts that anyone with connection can watch. Many toys such as remote controlled cars and electronic animals use ICT to move and make sounds through an embedded computer with a memory. Mobile phones have address books, games and connection to the Internet, which involves ICT. They are used to make and receive calls and text messages.


There are some items around the house that would be found in various rooms around the home. A telephone could be found in various rooms and is used to receive and make long and short distance calls to other people. The telephone may have an inbuilt address book and displays the telephone number calling. If the telephone has an added answer machine, then this displays when a voice mail has been made. A vacuum cleaner is used around the home to clean many objects, but mainly floors. This has an embedded computer and a digital display. Digital clocks may be in any room, and may be included in various other appliances, such as alarm clocks, computers, video players, ovens, and watches. Most families have a stereo in many rooms, and this can receive radio waves, play cassettes and read CD’s. Personal CD players and walkmans are very much similar.


Surprisingly there are many things that can be found outside which include ICT. A security alarm is activated when the homeowners are going out. A security number is typed in, and if anyone enters the home whilst the owners are away, the sensors around the home, setting of the alarm, will spot them. A floodlight is placed outside the home, and is automatically activated when an object or person moves in front of the sensor. Water timers are set so that sprinklers and water systems start automatically at a certain time. These can be digital, and so accurate that the water will only start on certain days, or at different times each day. Lighting timers’ work on the same principles as the water timers, and for the same sort of purpose, so that the lights will be activated at a certain time. A family car is now becoming a place where ICT is widely used, for many things such as time, speed, mileage, air pressure, music and navigation.

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