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* A two page leaflet, and must be presented with two folds and six sides * Picture * It must be presentable * A screen display which can be printed out * Two side with information on both sides The information to be output * Contact details * Address * Headings * Health club name * Facilities and time * E-mail address * Logo * Picture and colour * Trail front page to attract 16-21 year olds * Two messages on front page * Classes and


* E-mail address

* Logo

* Picture and colour

* Trail front page to attract 16-21 year olds

* Two messages on front page

* Classes and events list

* Fitness program details

The data needed to produce the output and the source of data

* Pictures ‘on disk’

* Address as stated on ‘page 10’

* Telephone number as stated on ‘page 9’

* Logo as stated on ‘page 9′ on disk’

* Must be in colour ‘stated on page 8’

* Two messages on front page ‘stated on page 10’

* Fitness programme details ‘stated on page 9’

* Two messages (from me) ‘stated on page 10’

* Events ‘on the booklet’

* Facilities and times ‘on disk’

* Fitness programme details ‘page 9’

The desired outcome and performance criteria (DOPC)

* The heading must stand out

* Must be attractive

* The leaflet must be in colour

* Must be six sided with two folds

* Must have heading on every page

* Must have pictures from the health club on every page

* It must be presentable

* Leaflet must be on an A4 sized paper

* Must have a printout

* Must have clear and readable font

* Must have contact details e.g. health club name, address, telephone number and e-mail address

* Back page must have contact details

* Must have facilities and times when health club is open on the back page of the leaflet

* Must have the information about the classes and events on page 1 of side 2

* Must have logo on back page and front page


* Testing not required at the moment

The form of out put

* A new and presentable scoring system, for the squash players, which can also be printed out,

* A screen display of recorded scores

* It must be presentable

The information to be out put

* the positions of each players

* the scoring system for the squash courts

* the scores of all the players

* which players play each other

* a player gets a positive (if wins)

* a player gets a negative (if loses)

* a player cannot play himself

* each match has a maximum of five games

* the first player to win three games win the match

* a player cannot win more than three games in a match

* the calculation between each of the scores

The data needed to produce the output

* the position of each player, ‘stated on page 31’

* scoring sheet of league two ‘saved on disk’

* Scoring sheet for league 1 already filled in and saved on disk and stated on ‘page 16 and 17’.

* match scores for league 1 ‘stated on page 16’

* match scores for league 2, ‘saved on disk’

* scoring sheet for league 1 and 2, ‘stated on page 31’

* club logo ‘saved on disk’

* Scoring sheet for league one filled in and ‘saved on disk’

Desired outcome performance criteria (dopc)

* Score system must be printed out

* Max of five games and each player can play max three games

* Able to add up all the differences to show the rank automatically

* List all the formula used and then print out

* Must be able to cope with errors made by the players

* Use prediction to calculate the rank

* Must automatically relegate the lowest two players (to the lower league)

* Must automatically promote the highest two players (to the higher league)

* Winners get the plus and losers get a minus points

* Must present the scoring system the way Katie told me to

* must present the scoring system the way Katie told me to

* must be able to cope with mistakes

* must use functions to calculate the rank

* must have logo (for league 2)

* must have heading (for league 2)

* must work out the ranking from positions 1-6 for each player automatically


* Validation must be checked

* The will be two test needed

* Calculations

Form of output

* Letter writing with Microsoft word using mail merge

Information to be output

* Address on letter (members)

* Member ship type on letter

* Contact details

* Logo

* Clubs E-mail address

* Letters are sent to the right type of members

* Display when membership date expires

* Clubs name

* Members full name

* Address of Hickley Health Club

* Managers signature

* Expiry dates

Data needed to produce the out put

* Members address stated on ‘page 29-31’

* Phone number stated on page ‘page 9’

* E-mail address stated on ‘page 9’

* Expiry date stated on page 29-31′

* Members name stated on ‘page29-31’

* Address of club stated on ‘page 9’

* Membership types stated on ‘page 29-31’

The desired outcome performance criteria

* Must have correct membership types

* Must have clubs contact and details

* Must have members name

* Must have expiry date of members membership

* Must have clubs logo

* Must have members address

* Must have address of club

* I must produce headed note paper with clubs contact details

* The system must automatically the title, name and address

* Must test the system by sending to all youth members who will become 22 by the end of February 2009

* Must send out letters to junior members who will become 16 by the end of February 2009.

* must make sure system caters membership types and dates to be able to use the letter system in the future

* must send out letters to adult members who will become 60 by the end of November 2009

* must have two types of adult membership (adult and adult off peak)

* must change membership type fields (so Katie doesn’t need to type it in)

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