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Identify a Cultural Practice Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Identify a cultural practice that is considered acceptable in one country but is not acceptable in another. What are some cultural considerations that affect the resulting ethical perspectives in differing cultures? When moving from domestic to global operations, a company must now consider various ethical and social responsibilities. For example, companies must consider the impact their presence has on the local economy and existing businesses. For example, if Walmart were to open a chain of stores in a new area where local, family-owned business dominated ate the market, that could have a serious impact on the local economy. Another example would be consideration of how the company’s practices may impact foreign relations in that region by your domestic company, such as in the case of sanctions. A very common business practice is considered acceptable in one country but not in another is bribery. Social norms in one country may set the stage for a bribe as a normal method by which individuals make a living.

A business practice that is very commonly considered acceptable in one country but not in another is bribery. Social norms in one country might set the stage for bribery as the normal method by which individuals earn their living. This is further complicated by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which actually makes bribery illegal, even when it occurs in other countries. This can make business dealings very challenging, because by making bribery illegal, it does not allow the system in the other country to operate the way it has been designed or has evolved. This is further complicated by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which actually made illegal kickbacks, even when it happens in other c

ountries. It can make a business deal that is very challenging, due to making illegal kickbacks, not

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allowing the system to operate in other countries in a way that has been designed or have evolved.

The organization where you work is expanding into the global market by opening an office in China. What are some potential ethical and social issues that may arise as the company expands into this new area? Can these issues be avoided or mitigated? Why or why not?

I think that there are many cultural issues that a company might face in doing business in any country such as China. I also believe that as labor and costs of doing business in these countries are what encourage companies to look at these places. From a USA economic standpoint I believe that until we shut the door to these practices and/or make it to where it is not cost effective for companies to do this we will never see a full turn around to the pre-1970’s economy here in the United States. I also believe the current economic condition of our country is more the fault of us as Americans then our government but our government encourages it. When we as a society buy a light bulb made in say China because it costs less than the American made bulb we must accept the social responsibility for what we just did…we just made one more American employee needed less. This then ties into China. In their society more emphasis is put on what is best for everyone around an company then the shareholders themselves.

Friendships are built for long periods of life whereas here friendships do not carry the same value. In business from all my research I see that this friend and family thing could interfere in business and/or create ethical issues. I also believe that when we add to this the fact that gifts/bribes to potential business partners is considered a good thing it would be hard for a company to do business in China. We could continue to add to these things such things as unions are illegal, low pay and child labor a company could easily be tempted by many things. Could a business work around these types of thing? Sure they could but as a Chinese businessman is going to do business with friends or family before anyone else it might take time to develop that and do it in an ethical way by western standards. But, I for myself world never consider doing business in China as I feel the ethical thing, and socially responsible thing, for my company to do is to stay here in America and think of my fellow citizens first.

Some of my research sites:

http://www.businesspundit.com/7-deadly-perceptions-about-doing-business-with-china/ http://www.scu.edu/ethics/practicing/focusareas/business/conference/2007/presentations/china-panel.html

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