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Identifying Leadership Traits Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

For this assignment, a reflection on three leadership traits of a student learner at a well-known college will be identified to enhance professional growth. The specific traits include the following: (a) adaptability, (b) people skills, and (c) purposefulness. Apart from these three, four additional leadership traits were identified to enhance professional growth. They are the following: (a) aggressiveness, (b) bluntness, (c) complaining, and (d) impatience. An overview of these four traits is provided on the worksheet of page five of this document. In contrast to the leadership traits needing to be enhanced, the student is confident in the leadership strengths reflective to the following: (a) courage, (b) decisiveness, (c) delegates, (d) persistence, (e) sets priorities, and (f) resourceful. These lists of traits is what the student learners views as being more developed as far as far as leadership skills. To restate, this essay will focus on the three specific traits that can be done to enhance leadership skills. In any organization or business, excellent leadership skills are in demand and in some cases required. It doesn’t matter if a person is an entrepreneur, or an individual hoping to make it up the corporate ladder, great leadership traits are essential to reaching personal and professional goals. To adhere to the assignment guidelines of only three pages in length, only three traits will be reviewed in detail. The three leadership traits are adaptability, people skills, and purposefulness. Adaptability

Adaptability is an important leadership trait that every leader needs in their tool box. At this point, the student learner struggles with adaptability especially in the workplace. The student learner is developing ways to adapt to change and preparing

backup plans to cope with issues or situations. For example, the student is currently doing the work

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of three employees. On Thursday, January 17, 2013, the student learner was asked to take on additional job duties because a co-worker will be on leave beginning Monday, January 21. As a result of this new assignment, the student learner will be doing the job of four employees. The student learner will have to adjust to a different work schedule. Currently, the student learner is working on a to-do list that reflects important task relevant to the four positions. In order to adapt, the student leaner will have to keep an open mind. The student learner will have to adapt and commit to continuous learning. The student learner will have to seek the support of the team and the bureau chief. The student will enhance leadership skills by being adaptable, flexible, and open-minded. People Skills

Currently, the student prefers to work alone in the workplace. This is because on past assignments subordinates have disappointed the student learner by not following through on assignments. Thus, the student learner needs to continue to delegate, discuss deadlines, and document the assignments when interacting with the administrative/clerical staff. This will help the student determine the appropriate action to take when the required results are not meant. The student learner is able to communicate work assignments effectively to get co-workers to be productive. However, the student learner realizes there is still much room for improvement relative to this leadership trait. Developing improved people skills will help the student learner attain the bureau’s objectives much faster. It is important to genuinely connect with subordinates. As the student works to improve people skills by taking communication courses it will help develop a more productive and trusting work environment for everyone.

Every leader needs to embrace the vision and mission of their workplace. The vision and mission drives the direction of the agency or business. At the organization, the vision and mission changes with each new administration. Thus, a successful leader needs to adhere to the current vision and mission to achieve ultimate success. The student learner will review the vision and mission statement on a quarterly basis. The student learner will also review the vision and mission of the organization with subordinates in hopes that staff will embrace it and work to achieve the agency’s ever changing goals and objectives. The student learner realizes that it is advantageous to build a robust sense of purpose. It is also beneficial to the student learner’s to convey purposefulness to subordinates as well as coworkers. If employees understand the vision and the mission it may educate others outside the agency and motivate them to help promote health and nutrition.

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