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For a journey of self-discovery to be truly successful, people will, inevitably, experience pain. Only through difficult and challenging situations, can one learn all they set out to learn. Pain can be felt in a myriad of ways, and each will have a profound and different effect on personal learning. Relationships can break down, and fail, causing emotional heartache. Isolation and feelings of ‘going it alone’ can add to this emotional pain. Reflecting on, and dealing with, past experiences that have caused hurt, is another way people can understand pain. It is during these moments of hardship, where people are forced to search deep within themselves to reveal where they truly belong.

Relationships sometimes end. This can cause great pain to those involved. It is, however, fundamental for people to experience such conflict, in order to move on in their own lives. Spending time with people who share different interests and opinions can often help to strengthen individuals. However, when conflict arises due to abuse or dramatic and conflicting worldviews relationships should often end. It is essential that people are able to recognise poor functioning relationships such as these, and move away to a better more productive and supportive social environment. In Beneath Clouds Lena has a family bond that has obviously weakened over time. Alcohol abuse, crime, and social dysfunction are issues in her family, and extended local community. Knowing her fate will be decided for her if she stays in her small town, she makes the brave decision to break her ties and leave. She distances herself from her family, her town and her Aboriginal Heritage, in search of a place she truly belongs. This painful and courageous decision is crucial to her positive development as a young woman. Pain is essential and unavoidable in the lives of those searching to reveal their identity.

For people to move on in their own lives in a meaningful and purposeful way, they must deal with uncomfortable issues experienced in their past. Over time, strong emotions such as anger, guilt and regret, can manifest. Self-discovery will only be allowed if individuals are willing and able to confront their past. These issues might involve being hurt or hurting

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