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Identity Crisis Essay Sample

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Identity Crisis Essay Sample

Children could be heard through the grilled windows, black from times of neglect, of the warehouse. Summer had just begun, with the children now on holiday and more work to do. Laughter and shouting came from the wasteland outside, yet it was like the wind was alive, for no one could be seen. The sun was now high above the cracked corrugated walls of the warehouse, but inside it was cool and dark, with a slight smell of damp and only a few rays of light shining across the sharpened knives and the disfigured manikins, used for films.

Sitting all alone, with just sculptures for company, serial killer Paul washed his hands of the deep, red stain that was slowly running down his arm and dying his shirt sleeve. This was Paul’s third killing within 3 months. Nights hadn’t agreed with Paul after seeing his father murdered, when he was just a boy. Paul had been finding a victim that shared the same birthday of August 17th, the date his father was slain, with the years in descending order from 1959. In each case the victim is shot once through the chest while lying in a bathtub and Paul had been placing a nearby tape recorder that would contain the person’s supposed suicide message.

Lack of sleep had had a big effect on Paul’s appearance. Swaying with his quick movements was his cropped messy hair; the innocent eyes gleamed in the limited light; the deep, sinister noise that came from within, boomed with laughter. Even though he knew he had outsmarted everyone, the battle was not won yet. Moving with confidence, which you would have at his height, he glided across the stone floor towards his latest project.

Chris, a middle aged man with a hearing problem and glasses, had just come into work after having his car hit by another car. Chris and his team of forensic investigators had just started another day of the same routine, sitting down with an extra large, black coffee. A report, that caught the team’s attention, was of another body being found in a bathtub, with a bullet through the chest and a tape recorder. Catherine was first to attend the scene. It really was a shame when a life got robbed in such a terrible, painful way.

The team later found hairs, fibres and fingerprints. But the most successful piece of evidence was the tape recorder. Paul had managed to mess up the age of the victim. Although Chris believed Paul did not commit the other two murders, he was shocked when Sara explained what was happening. The victim had a birthday on August 17th and was born in 1957, which is a year earlier than Paul’s birth. So presumably, the killer’s next target was born on August 17th, 1956…which just happened to be Chris’s birthday.

Paul had had all his ideas mapped out in his head on how to murder the head of CSI. He knew it was going to be difficult, but they had no chance of getting him because they hadn’t got him for the other three murders. Little did he know, they did know. Earlier that day, Paul had had a visit from Chris about a mask that was left at the scene, but Chris was still determined that Paul didn’t commit the murders.

The colourful Big Apple background fades into a solemn, sparsely populated, run down street as a matronly woman does the dishes while watching television. Paul had just finished his new job at Go Go Pizza parlour and had decided to have some fun with Chris’ mind. Instead of following his normal pattern of killing people who were born on the same day in different years, he had decided to kill a woman who had been born a month after the usual date of August 17th. All was quiet as the unseen killer approached the house from behind and slipped in the back door. Carefully sliding his knife out of his jacket, he stabbed her repeatedly, killing her.

Back at the lab, still convinced that the suspect was guilty Catherine talked with Rick about the case. She wanted desperately to find his two other possible victims, avoiding double jeopardy. Without waiting for Chris to come back from Paul’s latest crime spree, Catherine set out to find any unsolved cases of related people murdered in the run down streets of New York.

Later, the team decided that they had enough evidence to order a raid on the isolated warehouse where Paul had worked, but when they got there it was empty, all the sculptures and manikins had gone, except for a stool that was sitting in the middle of the room with a note on it. The note said, on the front, ‘Chris’.

Later seen on CCTV, Paul had visited the building where Chris worked and apparently he had left a message, to be relayed to Chris, saying a friend had popped by. Deciding to tease Chris, Paul had waved to the CCTV camera, after just entering a high security building, with no hassle, and escaping the NYPD.

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