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If I Had a Genie Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

If I had a genie and my wishes were three, what would I wish for what, would it be? I think my first wish would obviously be for more wishes. Then maybe I’d wish wouldn’t have to do dishes. My second wish would be for every power I could think of. I could bolt through walls, sprint super fast, and fly like a dove. The third, while I do enjoy it a little, would be for no more school. I love my teachers, but no work that would rule! I would wish for more wishes so I could have whatever I want. I could have clothes, jewelry, and a trillion treasure hunts. I would never be bored or with nothing to do. I could wish for Kings Dominion just to ride “Scooby Doo.” Yes, more wishes that would be it, then I could have everything from pet skunks to ar

t kits. My second wish would be for every power I could imagine. I could have great hearing, control

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weather, or strength to fight fierce dragons. If I had super powers my life would be even more spectacular and great. I could wake up in China and super speed home to Maryland for breakfast, but not be late. If I possessed powers that I made up, they would be so stupendous and astounding that everyone’s hearts would skip and then start pounding.

As I said before, my third wish would be, because school makes my brain so sore, that it in fact was no more. Sketching, drawing, singing, and dancing that is what I’d be doing all day. Happily going on in a joyful way and talking to my friends saying stuff like, “What’s up my homie?” or the normal, “Hey!” With no school there would be so much free time. I could write novels, poems, or stories that rhyme. No school would definitely be my third wish if only I had a genie of mine. If I had a genie and my wishes were three, I know what I’d wish for. I’ll tell you the three. I’d wish for more wishes, and super powers, and no school so I’d have time to smell the sweet flowers. The most important wish to me would be more wishes, because I could have enough even to wish for weird things like puffer fishes. If genies were real, which sadly they’re not, I could wish for anything, cold weather or hot. Yep, I know what I’d wish for if I owned a genie in a pot.

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