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On the surface, this is such a simple question: if you could wave a magic wand and co-create Heaven on Earth, what would that difference be like? Everyone longs for a magic wand. How often have you thought to yourself, or heard someone say, “if only I had one wish…” But what would you do with that wish? The whole planet needs help – the dying oceans, the vanishing rain

vanishing rain forests, the species facing extinction, the starving millions, the illiterate adults, the child soldiers, the thirsty savannas, and the blood-soaked “theatres” where wars are waged.

It’s too much, it’s hopeless – you can have your wand back, I’ve got stuff to do. Wait. Think big. Think bigger. Think gigantic. Think colossal. Imagine a world where kindness usurps power, where compassion walks hand-in-hand with progress, where water is as valuable as oil, where life is as important as profits, where education carries as much weight as gold? A world where people no longer feel hopeless to create change. Imagine a world where every single person understood his or her individual power to make a difference?

No. It would just be easier to donate to my favourite charity… I am surprised at how much courage it takes to accept this magic wand, but here goes: And with a wave of my wand, people from all corners of the earth would wake from their long sleep and realize that they already have what it takes inside of them to create a better world. In the blink of an eye, they’d understand the words of John Lennon – “We can change the world, rearrange the world – it’s dying, to get started.” In the blink of an eye, people everywhere would recognize the tremendous power they have inside of them to begin to take the first few giant steps toward achieving a heaven on earth.

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