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Imagine that Mr Hyde left a “Full Statement of the Case” Essay Sample

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Imagine that Mr Hyde left a “Full Statement of the Case” Essay Sample

What Do you think he might have written?

This letter is written for anybody who wants to know the story of Mr Edward Hyde.

As you will know Dr Jekyll was born in the year 18–. Even as a young person he had professors approaching him for advice. He always worked hard and never did anything that other boys were doing at that age. Thus I was formed. In truth he created me inside him, I would do all the things that he craved but could not, well not if he wanted to keep his reputation. He was an old man and he had not even hit 20 yet! I tried to encourage him to disregard his work and have excitement.

Before long I started becoming impatient, the long nights of studying, studying and studying! I started feeling like a trapped animal I needed to be released. I wanted to cause havoc, chaos, and mayhem. I was dying slowly inside. I became a nuisance to him, caused problems and headaches. I tried everything but he just channelled me out! He was too strong! But I knew I would get my chance. He had a weak spot for the nightlife, for the fun, for the drink and especially for the women. Since he was young he dreamed of being married but then studies came into it and marriage went out of the window. Like I was saying, I knew my opportunity would come…

I ran through him like the polluted River Thames, dark and poisonous. No one has a conscience; it’s really the Hyde in you! As I was saying, I waited like a predator waiting for his moment!

One day Jekyll got curious and started having a discussion with his good friend Doctor Lanyon. He was speculating about a scientific way of releasing your conscience. Immediately Lanyon had this astonished but disappointed look on his face. He looked down and shook his head in dissatisfaction. He then looked deeply into the Jekyll’s eyes, so deep that dread crept in me, that he had spotted me! But then he alleged “Henry, we have been friends all our lives! And I will be honest with you; I have never heard you say anything more ridiculous! You cannot be serious?” Suddenly I felt a jolt of anger and sorrow, but it wasn’t me. That was the last time I saw Lanyon, for a long time.

Everyday following that one, I hassled, requested, pestered, and hounded Jekyll to pursue his genius proposal. But he backed down like a wimp! Losing Lanyon’s opinion of him had made him lose faith. But I stayed calm and kept posing it. Finally when I was on the verge of giving up, it all fell into place. He had enough of his life, work and friends. He kept uttering that it was all for the evolution of science and that Darwin had really impressed him, but I knew the truth. Months flew by while the birds flew south. Winter was creeping in, scattering its bitterness across London.

The nights came in earlier and earlier but the doctor and I did not notice. We were on the border of discovering something truly wonderful and the key to my cage! At last I felt he had cracked it! The potion lay there looking harmless enough but then turned red and started steaming then boiling but then staying a sickly, calm green. Directly, I demanded that Jekyll take the glass and gulp it down. I felt fright and speculation. I spent the next hour persuading him to swallow it. Suddenly speculation took over fright. He got up and approached it but at a snail’s pace. He picked up the glass and knocked it back.

All of a sudden I could feel bones grinding, a devastating nausea, then nothing. I felt the same but realised one thing, I was in control! I felt strong, healthy and lively. And thus Edward Hyde was born!

I needed a mirror hastily. I also noticed that my clothes were too long. I remembered that there was a mirror in Jekyll’s quarters. But how was I too get there? I sat down and started pondering. The clock chimed. This brought me back to life. It was 3 o’clock in the morning. The only people awake at this time are the rich who drown in pleasure and dark deeds behind their respectable appearance and good reputation. Typical Victorians!

Silently, I crept across the damp grass, my feet feeling the cold and bitterness winter hurled at me. This was to be one of many of my late night arrivals. I slinked through the house, up the stairs and into the doctor’s chamber. I had the first glance at myself, Edward Hyde. I was stunned when I looked into that mirror. The short-cropped brown hair was so short I might as well have been bald! My nose was almost non-existent. But my eyes…they were beautiful! All that evil and deceit swirled madly in them like a witch’s cauldron! But now was time for the second test. I almost felt like destroying the potion and letting Jekyll suffer in his cage! But I knew that I required him.

The potion lay there again, that sickly, deadly, calm green swirled silently planning its next attack on my body. I gulped it down and felt that horrifying pain. My bones were grating as they changed. Finally I was back in my prison, but there was hope!

Here I am returning from the pub at about 3 am. It’s a cold winter morning, when out of nowhere a stupid little girl bumps into me. She falls on to the hard cold street; I step on her and walk over her like she’s nothing. As I expect she’s screaming and crying. The little brat deserves it; she should watch where she is going! As I am walking away I can hear a scampering of feet and a loud but surprised shout ‘STOP!’ This old man comes towards me. The smell of horse manure is drifting through the streets slowly spreading its smell; there is a clattering of hooves on the stone cobbles getting closer and closer, however they then start to disappear away.

I give this stupid man a proud, black look. Why shouldn’t I? I have not done anything wrong! I can feel the disgust in him! Oh how I love that reaction! I cannot ever get bored of that response. Suddenly I felt the sudden urge to hit the man, and to keep hitting him until there is nothing left! As he approaches me, the grip on my stick tightened. Then suddenly a woman comes round the corner shocked like she has seen a ghost. She immediately runs over to the child and starts weeping. A crowd gathers round the little girl, a sawbones appears round the corner appearing to be in a rush. The taste of beer is on the tip of my tongue; my mind wanders off like a bored child. I think about the nice warm pub and that prostitute…

Next thing I know I am getting shouted at and threatened. This story will be all over London and people will despise me. I could not care less, but I know it would make my life and the doctor’s more complicated. I give a little smirk and a chillingly demand ‘How much?’ A gas lamp flickers and fights, then slowly extinguishes. Nobody notices as the dark creeps in like an invisible thief. Everybody has his or her attention set on me. Pure hatred brewing and boiling in those eyes! The sawbones and the old man approach me suspiciously. They demand a fee of 100 pounds. Reluctantly I nod in the direction of the laboratory back door. They follow me towards it; I can sense hesitation as they let me free to go inside. I promptly fetch the chequebook and the purse that I find laying around.

I hand over 10 pounds and write a cheque for 90 pounds. Instinctively they look at, and examine the cheque. I observe their eyes widening as they inspect the name over and over again. Meanwhile I glance at the girl. She looks petrified, however, when I shoot her an evil smirk she bursts her banks, crying. The sun now is rising and penetrating through the fog with its warmth and radiance. Finally the old man looks up and clearly says ‘ I do not believe this cheque is real!’ I can sense how much he would like to swing at me; how he thinks I should be behind bars! But the truth is we all have little secrets that are hidden by our reputation and appearance. I bet him and me are very similar except for one distinction. I am not afraid to show it! This is how I am different to other Victorians.

I must say that I am not surprised by his answer. In the end I offer to attend the bank with him when it opens. After staying in his house we travel to the bank and cash in the cheque. I give an intimidating smile and walk off. Maybe now the doctor will give me my own account. It is nearly time for the change.

I cannot believe what has occurred tonight! Being prisoner for so long set something off inside of me…

As I was walking through the foggy streets of London, the dense smog covered London up like a blanket, leaving it in total darkness. The only source of luminosity was from the miniature gas lamps trying to fight their way out of the darkness. There were cheers and shouting from a drinking palace nearby. I had this sudden urge to go in and enjoy myself. I had been denied all these comforts of life for so long! Anger started swelling up in me getting ready to burst… However, I had to control myself. Then something hit me… Revenge! The doctor has to pay for doing this to me. Maybe he will learn that he cannot just use me when he wants to!

I am walking down a street in rapid steps. A gas lamp flickers desperately as the fog surrounds it and closed in like a predator on its weak prey. I took notice of steps closing in on me. Instantly I look at where I heard the rattling of footsteps. And sure enough there is some one approaching me. The old man was taking fast strides. He is a tall, well built and I suppose for women also a good-looking man. The anger inside me resurrects itself once again. The clutch on my stick tenses so hard that it hurts but I ignore the pain and focus on my target. At once something deep inside of me tries to pull away and reason with me! HA HA HA HA!! He thinks that he can stop me! I am too strong for his weak and pathetic mind. This will teach him not to muddle up with my affairs!

The man stops, comes to a halt in front of me. He is about to speak but stops dead in his tracks. He looks at me with disgust! The anger in me explodes!! In one swift and deadly move the stick connects with his head; bone crushes, blood sprays, a weak yell, a thud on the floor. The stick comes down again and again like an executioners axe. Next thing I realise I am on top of him jumping and stampeding all over his body. My stick unites with his body all over again and then for a second time. A loud snap wakes my senses! There is blood dripping, heavy breathing, and a thump somewhere nearby… At first I was having fun but then I comprehend what I have done. What if someone has been watching! What if this person was important! I at once flee running towards Soho and leaving half the stick behind…

Blood! Screaming! Fear! Ahhhhh!!

It was just a dream. The morning chill hit me like an iceberg. I smell fresh coffee being made downstairs. I feel great and vigorous! I feel different, I feel myself, free! All of a sudden I notice that my pyjamas are too long and a bit tight. Then I note my hand… It is hairy! It cannot be possible? As I look in the mirror an incredible, marvellous sensation runs through my body as blood runs through my veins. I am in my own body! I am Edward Hyde and the wonder potion was not used for assistance! Deep, deep inside of me I feel the terror and dread. We both acknowledge the reality of the process that is occurring.

There is an annoying racket at the window as two birds sit there tweeting away. I feel like grabbing them and snapping their little necks! But something more exciting is taking place and I could not be any better off. As I automatically dress I apprehend a notion. What would the servants say if they saw me this early in the morning? However they should be familiar with my presence. When I get into Jekyll’s laboratory I mix up the brew. The familiar red steam appears and then the revolting, repulsive green comes into sight. I take one big swig and the also familiar pain comes. I might be back in my cage but I know that I have won the battle and soon the war! Before long it will be Jekyll who will need the tonic.

What a day! I have to admit today has been very out of the ordinary.

It all started in the park. It was a bitterly arctic afternoon; ice had formed on the pond and frozen all life in it. The smell of hot chestnuts drifted from the vendor in White Chapel Road. Individuals went by holding onto their coats like it was life or death! Jekyll was just sitting on the bench admiring the view. What view? All I could see was a city that had a hood of smog on it, streets filled with filth, too many tax collectors and millions of workers who work their life away for nothing. No wonder they turn to drunkenness and opium day after day. London would be the Grimm Reaper’s favourite holiday location!

Anyway as we were sitting there I suddenly felt that exhilarating jolt. It could not be possible! My confined space was being unlocked; I was triumphing, I would soon be set free to wreak havoc on the world! Jekyll felt it too but he was in pain. I welcomed the bone crunching, moulding and scraping. One moment a doctor is sitting there, then the next a demonic chap sits there. At first it was fantastic but I knew I had to hide. Luckily not a soul witnessed this evolution! What would Darwin say if he could witness his theory in action? As I waited in the cheap, dusty hotel room, the stench of the Thames wafted in.

Our minds were both buzzing for ideas. I had escaped to the hotel because as a wanted murderer I could not be seen in public! Then suddenly I heard a voice deep inside of me “I got it!” The doctor explained to me how we needed another scientific mind but also a close friend. We both said “Lanyon!” We had to get to him, but how? A letter! This was I now doing the thinking. We sent a letter to Lanyon explaining to him to go fetch the potion, but we also had to send one to Poole. The operation ran smoothly. Now was the dilemma of delivering them. I found a pathetic paperboy who was willing to perform the deed for a penny.

A few tiring hours later it was at long last time to leave the room. At midnight it was less likely for anyone to recognise me as Edward Hyde, Sir Danvers Carew’s murderer. As I was travelling through London I stopped outside the train station, even I had to admire this creation. But a chime from Big Ben resurrected me back to life. At long last I arrived. I slowly marched up to the door; what if he did not get the letter? What if he did not carry out the favour? Jekyll assures me that he did but I can sense doubt in his voice. The odour from a drinking palace floats around me, so tempting to depart and head towards it. But I cannot afford to! As I arrive I take a deep breath and I knock…

I let Lanyon witness the phenomenon of the change. . . He stands there pale as a ghost. He looks like he shook hands with ‘Jack the Ripper’ himself.

Jekyll sits there crying his eyes out to Lanyon. I cannot believe I share a bond with this scrawny individual! After a long period of time I inform the doctor that it is the point to be departing. And for once he consents with me.

Today has been another victorious day for Edward Hyde. Soon I will be only one!

Jekyll now feared me; he was terrified of leaving the safety of his abode. Knowing that I could be released at any moment in time, on humanity. But what he did not identify was that I was nervous and petrified as well. What if he disappeared? What if the key to his cage was thrown away? I would independently have to survive. But I was a wanted man all over London. I suppose this is the fear that led to my inevitable departure. He tried for weeks and weeks to craft another medicine but it was a failure every time.

We ordered Poole to search the entire city for the right salt. But he consistently returned with the incorrect ingredient. The doctor finally accepted the fact that the salt he originally used must have been one of a kind. But I could not. All that time I wanted to be rid of Jekyll, but now I yearn for him to survive. I could feel him getting weaker day after day! It was agony, distress and torment. It felt like a part of me was being snatched away from my hands. Do I dare say that I will miss him and that a part of me will be sad?

As I am still rapidly trying to construct the liquid remedy while a reek of vinegar circulates the room, a thin voice utters to me “Please Edward, we have to acknowledge our fate.” I at once reply “No! We will not be extinguished!”

” Dear Edward, this is science. There are always risks to take. I’m not particularly proud of what you did. But you and me have been like brothers and I forgive you. The end has come. Goodbye dear old friend…”

He has gone. My dearest, oldest and only friend has passed away.

As I approach the end of my journal and the closing stages of my life I wonder if I had not killed Carew, what would the course of Henry’s and my life have taken? There were many differences between Henry and me. But the main distinction that stood out was that I was going straight down to the fiery depths of hell, and he would go to God’s citadel. Satan would come personally up here to claim my evil spirit. Even though I am on familiar terms with this truth, I cannot help but be petrified.

I can hear Poole and Utterson outside; they have come to the doctors’ rescue. If only they knew. The truth died with Lanyon, Jekyll and soon with me. I smell the nauseating stench of the laboratory for the last time. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and pour the venom in to my mouth. I instantly feel the toxin run through my veins. Just before I put this pen down I state a fact; the end of Edward Hyde has arrived…

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