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Immigration and Right Thing Essay Sample

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Immigration and Right Thing Essay Sample

Immigration is a big problem for the U.S because they provide guns for the gangs to murder the immigrants trying to come to the U.S. Many immigrants are murdered after crossing the border; many people are also abused when they are picked up by immigration and have to wait to be deported. The U.S also does wrong by deporting immigrants and dropping them off in places that might put them in danger. The U.S thinks that they are doing the right thing, but they are blind to see that they would fall apart without them. I learned that most of the reasons why immigrants come to the U.S are to have a place to call home and to finally be free. Unfortunately immigrants are mistaken coming to the U.S because they think that by coming here they will not get deported back right after they cross. In my opinion, the hardest part about immigration is the journey to get here; the immigrants do not think that it is dangerous to come here to the U.S. If people aren’t getting shot and dying, they are dying of starvation and they are getting very sick and dying. I think that the families with children are the ones who suffer the most because the children are the most vulnerable and they are very young. The children are the ones who are defenseless and they are the ones who usually get either molested and raped and murdered.

The children that come to the U.S are soon put into a shelter and have to wait to be deported and they could also get taken from their parents and never be seen again. Many immigrants disappear and are never seen again and it’s sad because their families are wondering where they are and if they are safe and it’s sad to hear that they are never found again. In conclusion the one thing that I learned and that interested me was immigration because I learned and interested me was immigration because I learned that immigration is a big problem because a lot of people are trying to come to the U.S. Another thing that I learned was that if you have a loved one or family member trying to cross you have to make sure they get over safely. You just don’t know what can happen when your loved ones are trying to cross over because there are a lot of bad people in this world. The immigrants get deported even for the stupidest reasons all the immigrants are trying to do is come to the U.S and make better lives for themselves. I think that immigration is a big problem because most people are unaware of the struggles that they have to do to be free and have abetter life. I  hope that in the future Deportation improves by not hurting those poor people who just want to have better lives we should treat them the way we want to be treated.

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