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Choose ONE from the following:

1. Using the example of two countries of your choice, discuss and evaluate the impact of cultural and/or class differences on business.

2. Using a country of your choice as an example, demonstrate and evaluate how the government seeks to compensate for market failures.

3. Critically evaluate the impact of globalization on a particular business or industry in a country of your choice.

4. Discuss and evaluate the international entry strategy of a company of your choice.

5. Examine critically the central ideas of ONE of the major UK political parties in relation to economic policy and business.

Submission instructions
Final submission date: 23rd January 2013 (Wednesday).

Submission format:

(a) you must submit a hard paper copy using the assignment bins on the ground floor IMPORTANT – download a front sheet first and attach to your assignment. This contains a barcode with your details, which is used to issue you with an email receipt.

(b) submit an electronic copy through Moodle/ TURNITIN.
Failure to submit in both formats will count as non-submission.

Advice on this assignment
There will be a lecture on preparing for this assignment and advice and support will be offered in your tutorial sessions throughout the term. Ensure you look at the Academic Essay Feedback Form at the end of this assignment to check on how your work will be assessed.

Moodle- “Skills Online”
This is a very useful site for advice on:

Tackling Assignments
Critical Thinking
Avoiding plagiarism

Referencing your work
You must use the MMU standard, which is based on the Harvard system. A full guide to this is on the GCMB Moodle page or through the library site.

You may be asked to present some of your essay content/ findings as part of a tutorial. However, this is NOT assessed. It is for others to benefit from the discussion of the topic and for you to gain experience in presentation skills.

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