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Impact of Iom Report in Futer of Nursing Essay Sample

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Impact of Iom Report in Futer of Nursing Essay Sample

On the basis of Affordable care act 2010 a huge change came in United States health care system, large number of people who were Un insured before became insured and seeking primary care. This calls for a big renovation in many aspects of the health care system to make it capable to provide for these growing needs particularly in nursing profession since nurses play a major role in the system. Even though nursing profession has come a long way, there are so many barriers which prevent nurses from adapting to this rapid change.

In 2008 Robert wood Johnson Foundation and Institute of medicine appointed a committee to provide a report with recommendations which will enable the nursing profession to accommodate the requirements of rapid changing health care system. After two years of effort of assessing nurses from all setting s, roles and practices, the committee delivered its report in October 5, 2010 which open up the needs of nursing profession to prepare for the rapid change in the health care system and meet the objectives of Affordable Care Act. IOM committee put forward four key messages which illuminate its recommendation towards this revolution, focusing on three important areas, nursing education. Nursing practice and nursing leadership

Committee says “Nurses should attain higher levels of education and training through an enhanced education system that promotes seamless academic progression”. Demands of health care system has become very vast and complicated. Being able to provide according to these demands nurses has to attain higher levels education and competencies .Higher level of education improves the critical thinking of nurses which will result in efficient and quality care. Report suggests s increasing the percentage of nurses with BSN degree to 80% and at least 10%of nurses with BSN degree to enter in master s and doctoral programs and doubling the number of nurses with doctoral degree by 2020. Achieving this target will prepare nurses to the future demands of nurses who enters in Advanced Practice positions. Entry level education should act as platform for nurse for their continuing lifelong learning opportunity. To meet the under representation of racial and ethnic minority and men in nursing field, nursing curriculum has to become more diverse and in depth. Report also suggest that nurses should be educated a with physicians and other professionals in their career and lifelong learning opportunities

The other recommendation of committee is towards the nursing practice. The first key message says “Ensure that nurse can practice to the full extent of their education and training”. Even though we have more than a quarter million of nurse with advanced licenses the scope of their practice is regulated by State laws. For example some states allow nurse practitioners to practice indepent but some other state they requires physician supervision. This is a barrier which prevents nursing practice. Here the scope practice determined by law, not by the level of education. This has to change. Allowing the nurse practitioners to practice independely will help to reduce the cost of health care. Sometime the price of health care is so high, and Medi care or Medicaid insurance will not support that cost. That [prevents the aged populations from getting the care they needed. Authorizing the se practitioners to perform independently in primary care setting will provide a solution for this issue. Allowing the nurses to practice according to their educational backgrounds will increase their confidence and it will reduce the turnover in the nursing profession

Getting an opportunity practice according to their education enables nurse to make individualized care plan to their patient based on their education& their critical thinking based on their assessment, which will result in efficient and quality care. Being confident make the nurse to be able to advocate for their patients, gives the authority seek help from other disciplines when it is needed for the patient.

Along with above changes suggested in education and practice, IOM report also suggest nurses to be involved in leader ship roles. The report tells that” Nurses should be full partners, with physicians and other health professionals, in redesigning health care in the United States “. The traditional view of nurses as “functional doers” has to change. Every nurses doesn’t start their career to become leaders, still it’s imperative for each nurse to attain strong leadership competencies and has to take lead in all aspects of care from bedside to board rooms , because we nursed paly the strongest link in the whole health care system

There should be adequate changes in nursing education programs to make nurses prepare to take ethis leadership roles. Leadership competencies, leadership developing and mentoring programs should be included in the nursing curriculum. Every nurse should take responsibility to improve their personal and professional growth and improving their leadership competencies and practice that in their career.

To conclude “future of nursing” has strong impact on the future of healthy United States. It we nurses responsibility to make us capable to make the dream of affordable car to everyone and provide quality care to the community.


•The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health

•Transforming Practice (85-162)

•Transforming Education (163-220), Transforming Leadership-

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