Impact of U. S. Federal and State Compliance Laws Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Impact of U. S. Federal and State Compliance Laws

I would change the administrative passwords on all systems routinely, implement a firewall program with remote access control which will not allow, hackers entry to your company’s system. Without passwords being assigned to data and systems, this simply protection becomes a target for hackers.

Identity theft occurs in some of the largest companies and often times this security breach is kept quiet. This company has been hacked for customer’s birthdates twice in one month. This means that they are experiencing severe vulnerabilities and they need to take action immediately. When customers start hearing that the companies they deal with have had security breaches in their computer systems data, they panic and most tend to, discontinue associating with that particular company.

This company needs to look at for the future, for data loss prevention to be effective, the company must decide on the right strategy, employ the right people, target the right data and purchase the right technology. With these accommodations this should reduce the likelihood and cost of future data, breaches and or violating compliance, rules and laws and or regulations. This will also allow the company to have control over how and what data is being exported and what employees or students are online and how this data is used throughout this company. By understanding what controls and strategies are already in place for this company to protect this data, the company can now move forward and decide on a desired result, develop a workable plan and monitor its process. I feel the key to this company’s problem with breach of sensitive online data is fire wall and encryption.

Discovery helps to analyze and understand how breaches occur. If this company can reduce system vulnerabilities can reduce the risk and impact of threats, to the system significantly.

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Impact of U. S. Federal and State Compliance Laws ...

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