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No matter what you do in life whether it is being a teacher, cop, secretary, forensic scientist, or in my case, Marine, you will always find one thing in common. Within all of these jobs you will find that accountability is very important. You will also find that within keeping accountability you will not succeed. Accountability is knowing the amount of items or people in which you are responsible for. Accountability is also knowing where the items and people are at all times. While knowing where everything and everyone is, you also need to keep record of everything. All the aspects of accountability are important because without it things would be in chaos. The way I am going to explain the importance of accountability will be through my experience in the Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps there are multiple ways to have accountability. I believe that it is one of the most important jobs to keep accountability because we go to war and people’s lives are in our hands.

Also, we use the government’s money whether it be on a marine or on gear. If we do not take accountability seriously, we could end up losing a lot of money. You can have accountability of your units gear, your personal gear, furniture, and can have accountability of your marines. One way a Marine is accountable is for their gear. Accountability of you gear is very important because you are responsible for it. Whether you are signing it out for yourself, giving it to other people, or simply responsible for just knowing where it is. Without accountability of your stuff, you will be responsible for replacing it. If you do not stay accountable you may have to order more for your command. When that happens you will be wasting money. To keep this from happening you could have just had accountability of it in the first place. If you are a supply Marine you need to have accountability of the gear you have in the shop. The reason being is so you know what you can issue out and what you need to order.

Also, you need to keep track of when it was issued out and if it is to be returned. If it is to be returned you need to know when it needs to be returned. You need to know this in case someone says they did not receive gear when they have. If you do not have record of this then you have no proof. With no proof, you are responsible. Another time when you need proof is if someone says that they have returned something and yet they actually did not. Keeping track of everything is a part of accountability. I have been told of an instance when a marine had a customer come in and ask why there records show that something had been COR’d, meaning the customer had received the gear, yet they had not in fact received the gear. This COR was from many months before that marine even arrived at their unit. That marine took every step they could in figuring out the problem. They went to the POD file to find the 1348 on that piece of gear, but they did not find it.

They then went to their warehouse to check to see if they had ever received the gear or had record of the customer receiving the gear. The warehouse did in fact receive it but the customer had never signed showing they received the gear. The warehouse also did not have a copy of the 1348 in there POD file. The marine then looked on GCSS to see what transactions were made. It showed that the gear had been a partial shipment and both had been shipped out. It then showed that both shipments had been received because they had been D6T’d. And then they both had been COR’d. But because this marine did not have the records showing that the customer signed out this gear the marine had to take a loss of over $1,000. This incident shows how all the steps of accountability is important. If the warehousemen had kept correct accountability of this gear they would not had to of taken this loss. When you first get to your unit you get gear issued to you.

That is also something you need to keep track of. It can work two ways with this gear. You can be the one getting the gear issued to you or the one issuing the gear. If you are the one getting the gear issued to you, you have to take care of this gear. That includes keeping it in good condition and not losing it. If you lose this gear you will end up paying for it. This gear isn’t cheap so having accountability is important. If you are the one issuing out the gear you need to make sure it gets returned when it needs to. This means keeping signatures on file. Also, keeping accountability of everything you have. When you are doing inventory on your gear you will know if something is missing if the numbers don’t add up. That is one time that keeping record of things will come in handy. You can look back to see if someone issued it out and who it was. Another time that keeping everything on record will be when someone tries to say they returned there gear but yet you do not have it.

You can go back and make sure they signed their name when they brought the gear back. If they did, it will end up being your loss. If they did not, it will end up being there loss. When you are a Marine who is single or does not have a child, you live in the barracks. When you live in the barracks things are provided to you. Such as a bed and dressers. To some it may not seem like something you are responsible for. That is not the case. When you move out of that room or that barracks that stuff still needs to be there in good condition. This is also accountability. You may bring the chair that is provided to you into someone else’s room to sit on while playing video games or while watching a movie. It is your job to make sure that the chair is put back in your room. Every time you leave your room you must lock all your stuff up so no one can take your personal things. There are multiple people who have access to your room while you are not there. If you go into your room one day and are somehow missing a dresser, chair, etc., it is your responsibility to speak to the barracks manager to make sure that they know where the furniture went. If something happens to this furniture you will be responsible.

This example shows that just accountability is important with just about everything you do in the Marine Corps. You also need to keep account of your marines. No matter what you are doing you need to know where all your marines are. The Marine Corps is set up in a way to make this happen as long as everyone does there part. The jobs and responsibilities are based on rank. When you are at the lowest rank, PVT, your job is to show up when needed and let your Plt Sgt know where you are. When you become a PFC you are too look after the PVT and also show up and make sure you let someone know where you are. As an LCpl you watch out for the PVT’s PFC’s and also show up and let someone know where you are. As you move up in rank you obviously become more responsible.

You need to keep track of your Marines. Their lives are in your hands. We are a U.S fighting force. This means everyone needs to be ready to go to war at any time. Every Marine is important because they have their own role within their unit. Therefore, if a Marine is not accounted for, he/she is considered UA. That means they could be in jail, injured, or in worst cases dead. Any of these situations will take a toll on the unit. Everyone is needed so if someone is missing a job will be left undone. If a job is left undone it affects the Corps as a whole. Accountability of your marines is important in training, they all need to be ready for war. A lot of the Governments money is put into each Marine. Therefore, if you do not have accountability of each Marine and something happens, not only have you lost a Marine, but you have lost money.

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