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Importance of Biological Aspects in the Human Species Adaptation One of the biggest unknowns that humanity has been wondering over the years was first of all, the origin and evolution of human kind, and second how we have been able to survive through so many changes that have existed for millions of years? That will be the topic will be discussed in this essay, an explanation of how the human species has adapted to the environment and for do that we must go back a little in history and see the process of adaptation that has taken place in humans. The human being in the course of history has shown an incredible ability in our adaptation to the environment. This is due to the famous “Natural selection” which is nothing more than the ability of a species to survive and be dominant, and displacing the weakest.

The physical characteristics, anatomical of each species are related to the environment that they lived and which has had to adapt. Based on history, ancient man possessed solid jaws, long arms, unlike today Homo sapiens (man), you can see the physical changes along the paramount aspect through the years. Another aspects that has to be noted for this adaptation’s process are: the ability to use hands and the intelligence used. All these factor helped them in creating new tools to survive and be able to adapt better to the environment that were living in, as are stone, pick, shovel, with the purpose of better food through hunting and also for protection of imminences dangers or enemies, etc.

Today we adapt and we also have continued evolving, not only in the physical aspect, but also in the social, cultural and technological. The creation of different technologies improves the ability to interact with the physical world. In other words, in present time the human being, have a lot more technology that helps us compensate for disadvantages or biological disabilities that we can present and thus helps us to better survive in this crucial world today. The human being is considered as the strongest species (although we are not physically) of all species that have existed so far now, and all because of the intelligence that we have developed over time.

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