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Importance of Computer Essay Sample

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Importance of Computer Essay Sample

The children, in fact are our bright future stars and glory of the nation. They are the future hope and get better opportunities to enhance their all round development. Rights are those conditions that ensure the opportunity to enjoy the fundamental needs so as to enhance one’s dignity and prosperity. The condition of child rights in Nepal is highly miserable, despite its provision as the fundamental rights in our present constitution. We should provide education and training to the children. The young children can be mounded as we wish as a potter shapes soft clay into beautiful pots. Opportunities to education and other services regardless any sort of discrimination is only the key to brighten the future of children. The children are innocent, curious, active and enthusiastic by nature. They are in need of friendly and healthy atmosphere to live in peace. They learn and experience more new things which make them mature and responsible.

It is obvious that it is possible only if they can enjoy their inborn rights without any hindrance. Since the fundamental child rights include right to shelter, food, education, health care, recreation and sports etc, they are basic needs for the spontaneous development of one’s personality. Being a democratic country, Nepal has been taking needy steps for the protection and promotion of child rights. It has permitted many NGO’s and INGO’s to work in Nepal in this regard. UNICEF, UNDP, SOS, CWIN etc along with the NGOs are working actively for the promotion of child rights. The government of Nepal passed the Child Act in 2048 B.S. This law provides legal rights to the children and prohibits the children under 14 to work in any industry. Similarly Nepal celebrate the year, 1990 A.D. as the girl child along with other SAARC countries. Our present interim constitution 2063 has introduced many provisions for the protection and promotion of child rights working for the Welfare of the children.


The word newspaper tells its importance itself. News means new message. Paper means the medium that carries the message. The newspapers are really very important things. They carry us news. We are informed with the message of what is happening in our locality, country and world. It tells us about the politics, the economic ups and downs, Games, entertainment, weather, literature or what we need. It makes people informative. If you go to a group of educated people, you can hear them talking about different things of the country and the world. The main course is the newspaper. Students need to read newspapers. We can get general knowledge. We can get come lesson related to our course. How can we be better educated in the social studies without a newspaper these days? They work as a mediator between the people and the government. It collects public opinion about the burning issue sand conveys to the government. Thus it helps the government to make their politics. Newspapers are the necessary elements of the nation. They help the nation a lot. Value of Time

“Time and tide wait for none.” It is a popular English proverb. Proverbs are the products of long experiences. Time is the same thing as the flowing river. Once it passes, it never comes back again. The time once passed, cannot be used by us. Time is roughly divided into three parts. They are past, present and future. Past is already passed. You cannot get it back. Future is always uncertain. You cannot fore-tell it. But the present is your time. You can use it as you like. A person’s life is in his own hand. What do you like to make yourselves? Make plan and mound it in the present time. Our life is like the time. It is also flowing like the water of a river, blowing like the wind and passing together with the time. An adult cannot get his childhood back again, a person is strong, active, energetic and intelligent in his youth. He can do many things in this stage. But he cannot do in his old stage. So time very much important. In case of student, it is more important than other persons. So we should be aware of time. If we miss time.it is like the blown wind or flowed water. We cannot catch it again. S0, we must be aware of time. We should learn well. It is our time. Important of extracurricular activities

The students learn the same books and appear the same examinations. But, some students are far better than others. Because, some take part in the extracurricular activities and others don’t. For the all-round development of a student, only the course books and class room activities are not enough. Extracurricular play very important role.

These may be games, quiz contests, spelling contests, dancing, drawing, writing poems, stories, essays etc. Games will help them develop their body; keep healthy, learn discipline and other activities will help broaden their mind.

To educate means, to develop the inherent capacity of the students. We should give them changes to take part in the activities of their interest. Everyone likes to win and show oneself superior to others. So even if a student is weak at theoretical study, he/she can be brilliant at other extracurricular activities. Important of English language

People speak many languages in this world. Nepal is a small country but we speak hundreds of languages. But Nepal is the link language for the people. Like this English is a link language for the world people.

English language is very important these days. There are some important reasons. English language is an official language in the UNO. If you have to get a job in foreign offices, you must learn English. Most important books for higher studies are written in English. It is spoken almost all over the world. It is work link language.

You must know English if you have to use internet, if you have to go some other countries, if you like to get higher education, if you like to be a businessman, if you like to start a hotel in a Nepal market etc. foreign tourists come to our country and you should speak English. If you like to get a job in a foreign country, you must have English. A Way To Suceeed

Mistake and failures are the pillars to achieve success. We are human, we all make mistakes and after a while we realize that we made a mistake. Next day when we pass through the same circumstance, we try to become aware a bit and improve the task. It brings up improvements and slowly lifts up our steps towards the success. No one is perfect in this world, everyone suffer with the time but it doesn’t mean that one should be frustrated from the life and shuts ourselves up between the walls.

We can take an example of a kid who plugs his finger on fire discarding his mother’s warning and get hurt. Next day he will not repeat it again or will not even go near by the fire because he had already realized the mistake and experienced the wrong deed.

Similarly, we make mistakes, realize and try to tackle the condition more strong than before. It is the nature of all human beings. Still, our societies have a lot of virtues with the term mistake. If anyone slips through his way, everybody poke finger on him and blame that he is “good for nothing” instead of guiding him, giving him support and ideas how he can be successful.

There might not be someone always with us to guide us positively towards our success. There may not be hands which may rise up to pull us when we slip down. We, therefore, have to make our failure a shiny mirror to locate our way and a strong weapon to succeed in the future. Educational Tour/Excursion

Tour means visiting places. People travel from place to place for different purposes. some travels for getting education,Some for business, some for entertainment and some for visiting religious places as pilgrims. Education tour or excursion means a tour of the student to a certain place for a certain time for certain purposes. Education tour is a part of practical learning. Student learn by reading or listening to teacher and doing very little in a the labs in our schools. But in such tours, student learn by observation. They can see the real object, people and places. Student read in books. But the test of real vision is far more different and effective than their theoretical study. They can talk to the people;ask them whatever they like. They learn to live in groups. they learn to face difficulties in a different situation. They can experience new things. They may feel freedom while in the tour; But together the students also learn many thinks informally. They can see innumerable things out of their plan. So, education tour is very important for us IMPOURTANCE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION

Every body knows, education is the backbone for the development of a country. We can get knowledge from education. Education gives us skills and techniques. So we use the knowledge and skills in the field we like. So only the education person can live happily.

We have general and technical education. General education means the study of theoretical subject like English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social studies etc. Technical education is practical education. Computer operating, tailoring, carpentry, engineering, medical study, etc. are common technological subject. The study of lab engineering, agro technology, etc. are the technical subjects.

If we get this type of education, we can get simple jobs. Nowadays, people have a thought that student should have to get job as soon as they get through a level. It is true that the poverty in the society has compelled to think so. If them to get a job. We can spread both kind of education together. But, technical education has been a need of time. My country Nepal

My country Nepal is surrounding by two countries. China lies in the east side and west, north and south is cover by India. It is in the northern hemisphere. It has three geographical zones. Himalayan, Mountainous and tarai. We have monsoon climate. It is very cold and dry in winter and hot, stormy and rainy in summer. It is rich in natural beauty and resources. It has long and wide rivers like koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali. We have large lakes like Rupa, Begnas, and Rara etc. like-wise we have green valleys, lovely water falls etc. It is rich in religious and historical heritages. Lumbini, Gorkha, Janakpur, Kathmandu are the famous examples. Nepal is a country of highly diverse and rich geography, culture, and religions. The mountainous north has eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including the highest, Sagarmatha, known in English as Mount Everest. The fertile and humid south is heavily urbanized. It contains over 240 peaks more than 20,000 ft. (6,096 m) above sea. People of many castes and religions leave here. About hundred languages are spoken. Our popular foods are dal bhat, dhindo, gundurk etc. dashain, tihar,losar,Id etc. are the most popular festivals. They observe these festivals very happily. Most people are farmers.

They grow rice, corn, wheat,millet,barley,potato etc. some people in the cities are businessmen. Some have industries. They are very laborious and polite. Due to the reach in natural resources, tourists love to visit your country. They can see endangered birds and animals here. They can see natural beauty, too. So tourism is our potential industry. Nepal is small but rich in natural resources although it is poor by economic condition. Nepal is developing country. To develop soon, from today we have to aware all of the citizenship of country. Give to education equally both men and women, government should have to bring advance program and help citizen by providing different facilities which gives benefit to both citizen and government. Nepal is a beautiful country. So, we have to publish it all over the world which directly or indirectly helps to attract tourist and we can control our economic condition. Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses. COMPUTER

Today man’s scientific knowledge is very wide and highly advanced. It has helped him to discover and invent many things for his ease, comfort and efficiency. Computer is the latest and most brilliant child of science. Computer is an electronic machine which can take input from the user and process this input data and if need, store data or information on storage devices and give output on output devices. It was developed from calculator machine. We cannot say what it does. But we should say ‘what it cannot do’ it makes computers are used in every field of our life.

Computer is popular among the learned persons and the student. You may work in any field today; you may be using a computer. We are grateful to Charles Babbage who invented such a useful thing for us.

Computers have some important parts. Monitor, mouse, the C P U or central processing unit or the brain of the computer are the major parts.

It is used in offices to keep records of the staff, account, make programmers, prepare letters and documents etc. It is used to design dress or to treat a sick person. It is used in schools and colleges to make class room teaching effective. So it is sad, ‘computers have become a part of life.’

Nowadays, the doctors use computer to treat a patient. If you talk about engineers, they can do nothing without it. Some persons may misuse it just to pass time and spreading evil information. So we must use it for the betterment of oneself and society being careful of its demerits. Computer has a bright future. We all need is to look ahead and to mark the changes coming in the world on account of computer and profit from it. Education for girls

Education is light for life. It is also the cultivation of life. Education makes a man social and civilized. Education gives us knowledge and skills. Girls is about half of the total population. The girls today are a mother of tomorrow. It is said mother is a first teacher and home is a first school of a child. So, mother must learn to make the child education. If a man is educated, he can be educated alone, but if we educated to the women we can educated whole family. If the women are educated, they will get job, they can live on their own. They will not have to face problems. Men and women are like two wheels of a cart. If one wheel of the cart is unwell, it can’t run well. So, if women are uneducated, they cannot help us to develop the country. Educated men and uneducated women cannot be good husband and wife because they cannot have a good understanding. In addition to these, education is for enabling personality. If the women are educated, they will be independent. They will not have to depend on their husband. So, it is necessary to educate the girls also for social justice. Therefore, for the all-round development of a country, we must educate girls and make them able. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Road Accident

Accident are unfortunate events. They may take place any time any were. We can see and hear many events like plane crash, boat accident road accident etc. The accidents that happen on the road are called road accidents.

There are many causes behind the accidents. Lack of experience, over confidence, over crowded roads, are the cause of accidents. The people walking along the road may cross the road from any where. They do not know traffic rules. Some people take driving as an amusement and drive carelessly. They even drive drinking and talking on the mobiles while driving. The most important is discipline. if people are discipline, they will follow the system. After people start following a system, such events are easily controlled. We should follow some measures to control accidents. We should train common people. We should make them aware of traffic rules. Giving of license should be little strict. Incapable persons should not be given a driving license at any condition. The import of too many vehicles should be banned. WHY WE SHOULD SEND OUR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL?

Well, we parents all know the truth: as soon as the school bus pulls away, we ditch the business suits for bathing suits and head for the water park, careful to return home in time to change clothes before the kids return. Kids have a right to know the objective of the hours they spend in school. Sadly, often the message they get is misleading.

Children are the citizen of tomorrow. It is a known fact that this is the most important time for a person. This is the most active, energetic and enthusiastic time of life. Like this, school is the temple where knowledge and skills are spread around. So we can realize children and school are like blood and muscle of a body.

The childhood is a learning time. They learn what they can hear, do or see. If they are given environment to learn right things, they will learn right. In the same way, if they are exposed to bad environment, they will learn bad things.

If they are sent to schools, they will learn to read, write, get relationship with educational personalities etc. They will be educated. They will pass their time for building their future life. In the same way, if they don’t go to school, they will have to mix up with the street boys and pass their time in the dust.

The children today are the responsible citizen of tomorrow. What will be the future society, if our children remain uneducated? What will country be like them? So only if we educate our children now, they can be educated and skillful. IMPORTANCE OF BOOKS

What is a book? A series of little printed signs-essentially only that. It is for the reader to supply himself the forms and colors and sentiments to which these signs correspond. It will depend on him whether the book be dull or brilliant, hot with passion or cold as ice. Or, if you prefer to put it otherwise, each word in a book is a magic finger that sets a fiber of our brain vibrating like a harp-string, and so evokes a note from the sounding- board of our soul. No matter how skillful, how inspired, the artist’s hand; the sound it wakes depends on the quality of the strings within ourselves. The importance of reading books is gaining new insight or perspectives on issues that matter to the reader that helps them to have a new understanding of the world around them. Readers can apply the insight in everyday life or as a way of building upon the knowledge that already encompasses their mind and enrich their lives.

The importance of books are also found in how new discoveries pertaining to history are uncovered and/or revealed where the relevance of this the new information needs to be applied or amended in what already exists about a particular issue, topic or event. Thus, “new” books on existing issues are important because sometimes facts “change.” Reading a book means talking to many people, living in many places, tasting many food items, listening to sweet song, etc. Books can have undiluted power. This power can change our lives innocently. We can pass our idle time meeting with advanced people. We can learn a lot of thing from them. Let’s look at an example of munamadan. We can find the information of the people on the way to Tibet. In the same way, we can learn about the people in the Himalayas, the economic condition of the Nepali people then and the sorrows of the people. So, reading books is a very good habit. IMPOURTANCE OF LIBRARY IN SCHOOLS

A library (from French “librairie”; Latin “liber” = book) is an organized collection of resources made accessible to a defined community for reference or borrowing. It provides physical or digital access to material, and may be a physical building or room, or a virtual space, or both. Libraries range in size from a few shelves of books to several million items.

There are different kinds of libraries. A school library, college library, community library, video library, etc are popular in our societies. In school, a library is set for helping the students and teachers. The goal of the school library media center is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access “to books and reading, to information, and to information technology. A school library media center “uses all types of media… is automated, and utilizes the Internet [as well as books] for information gathering. School libraries are distinct from public libraries because they serve as “learner-oriented laboratories which support, extend, and individualize the school’s curriculum… A school library serves as the center and coordinating agency for all material used in the school.”

A library is an ocean of knowledge. One can get as much as he/she likes or needs to obtain. So students and teachers are highly benefited from a library. Reading only text books is not enough for students. If a student has a reading habit in a library, he doesn’t feel bore in his free and lonly time.

A library is an important source for teacher. The teacher need a library. Teacher have to impart knowledge and skills to the students. New things are invented in the word every day. If teachers don’t read much, they can’t provide the students with necessary information.

It is equally important for students. Students can get additional materials to support their study. Sometime the students get easy methods for solving their problems.

Therefore, Books constitute capital. A library book lasts as long as a house, for hundreds of years. It is not, then, an article of mere consumption but fairly of capital, and often in the case of professional men, setting out in life, it is their only capital. MY NEW NEPAL

Nepal is in a process of change, political and socially. None of the nations are developed from the beginning. The people living in it have to work for its development and prosperity. Some of the really developed countries right now had to go through a lot of problems to reach where they are now. Fighting against the old ways is a hard job, everyone knows it, but you know what is harder? To build a new one that is even better than before. We Nepalese have all worked very hard to lift this country up to where it is now but we still have far more to go. We very often here this slogan in our everyday life. I wonder what our new Nepal will be like ! We must not be hopeless. I think, this means to be new, to make new, to get new. So, our expectations are that, we need better behavior, better education, etc. It means we have to form a new society, a civilized society.

So, first we have to be new. We should be laborious. we should be honest. We should first change ourselves. The next, we should change our habits. We should start working hard.Every body will realize.”If every body does works honestly, we can change our poor country into a prosperous country in no time”. So in my new Nepal, people will be honest and hard working.Our political leaders will be begging for our livelihood. We will see progress every field of life. So, in my opinion, New Nepal means changes into positive direction. Therefore all the other feelings must be kept aside and we must work together to built this nation. NATURAL RESOURCES IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR COUNTRY

We are rich in natural resources. If we can use them properly, we an be rich very soon. Water resource is the main source of our country. If we can use them, we can set up hydroelectric planets. Electricity can be used for industries, transport, mills, irrigation in addition to our every day use to light homes, to start TV, computer, running simple mills etc.

If we can set up only fifty percent of possible hydroelectric plants, we can export the electricity to earn money. In addition, we can irrigate all the land so that we can produce crops. We can sell them too. The next we can use the Himalayas for attracting tourist. We can also set up herbal industries because of Himalayan forests and the dense forests of mountains and Terai.

In the same way, we can use our jungles of all areas for national development. We can attract tourists and set up many industries on the basis of national parks. We can also use the hills to produce herbs and fruits. They will not only enough for us but we can export them too to earn money. All these development works will generate employment. Democracy

The word democracy is popular in the field of political. Abraham Lincoln said “democracy is to the people, by the people, for the people.” There is no autocrat or dictator in this political system. The rules and people elect legislative members. They make rules to apply in the country. There is a system and the system rules every one.

We have many advantages in this system. Nobody can be a dictator. If any leader goes against the laws, they are punished. If the leaders act against national interest people can punish them. They can elect next leader in the election. This makes the leaders more responsible. So, they cannot go against the people.

Some say there are disadvantages. People may think they are free. There should be no control over people. They are the supreme power holders. So, their behaves may be seen undisciplined. Some political leaders may think of only the interest of their party members. But we can correct this slowly.

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