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Importance of Organizational Behaviour Essay Sample

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Importance of Organizational Behaviour Essay Sample

What is the main goal a business or organization strives to achieve? One can assume that success or even survival would be a main objective organizations strive to accomplish. In the past, organizations have emphasized on the output and profitability. Those who contribute to the profitability were evaluated on terms of their skills and budgets. Administrators considered employees as machines. They were not concerned how the profit was made as long as the numbers were met.

However, organizational behavior has become important because companies must learn to adjust in a changing market that is competitive and brutal. Administrators did not involve themselves with organizational behavior until their behavior impacted on productivity, sales and profit. Companies are beginning to pay more attention to organizational behavior as an important aspect of training and development of the workforce.

Organizational behavior is made up of many parts. Each part forms a different chain of thought that promotes the study of organizational behavior. I will look at three major areas of organizational behavior, namely motivation, communication and leadership.

One of the major concerns in the study of organizational behavior is employee job satisfaction. Companies have discovered that there is a relation between job satisfaction and productivity. A happy worker is willing to work harder for his or her employer. On the other hand, managers notice when there is consistent absenteeism and tardiness, there is a negative result to company productivity (Robbins, 2001). An employee who is happy with his or her job is more likely to show up on time.

Motivation differs from employee to employee. Managers need to recognize the needs of their employees and how to motivate them. When employee’s differences are known, then upper management needs to organize and implement a plan that will benefit the employee’s role in the company. Motivational encouragement encompasses incentives, monthly recognition, compensation time, etc. These benefits can avoid sluggish and lazy behavior in the workplace.

Communication is another essential aspect of organizational behavior. A manager has to expand their knowledge of the person, group and the organization. He or She as a manager must be able to ask themselves: What makes a person work the way he/she does, would incentives, a promotion or vacation time increase their work productivity, and could the outcome of their performance show this employee’ satisfaction, growth and development? (Atkinson, 1994). Knowing your team through communication is essential to having success in a business organization. Employees are people. They have needs and wants just like managers. The managers are expected to provide these needs. Managers want output and productivity. It is the knowledgeable manager that asks their employees what they can do to make them satisfied then request for productivity.

A management team can exemplify great communication skills through team meetings. The management team would have a meeting to see if they would be able have their employees contribute ideas or even participate in charity and leadership programs. After the management team meetings conclude, they would schedule their own department meeting to find out what the employees would do to participate in these programs. Through these meetings, supervisors will have an assortment of ideas of ways they can increase productivity for the company from their own staff.

In an organization, the administrator or manager is expected to have certain skills pertaining to the job description. Leadership is the most important skill a administrator could have. A leader must know what makes their employee tick. A leader must have the technical skills and the interpersonal skills to acquire the effectiveness of the goal of productivity. As a manager, you may have to determine the employee’s personality, creativity and adaptability (Maslow, 1998). When determining an employee’s quality you will be able to adjust your leadership skills to their learning or motivation style. A manager must know how to respond to certain employees and situations. Not every employee responds the same.

Making decisions is not an easy task. As a leader or manager, it is required. A manager must be prepared to make the strategic planning of that group or organization. A manager should be able to take action when needed and distribute the resources needed to get the job done. Employees admire a leader who can guide and support them in distressed time.

Organizational behavior can make a difference in an organization. A successful manager-employee relationship is done through understanding values, attitudes and behaviors of each person. The study of organization behavior can make a difference and add value as well as a good quality of work life for their employees. Businesses need this in order to understand what motivates or encourages their employees. As managers practice organizational behavior, organizations will increase their productivity in a competitive market.


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