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Improving Organization Retention Essay Sample

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Improving Organization Retention Essay Sample

When an organization has difficulty holding onto employees that are good, hard workers then that organization will fill up with those that are unqualified and will be understaffed as well. This will eventually affect the organization and its’ ability to be competitive. Retaining good employees is a big part in how an organization functions and whether or not it is successful. The way an organization functions lies mostly on the managerial skills in that workplace. Job satisfaction is conducive to a positive work environment that will enable JC’s Casino to meet current and future business needs (Hausknecht, Rodda, & Howard, 2009). By using two motivational theories the casino can learn the many ways to retain employees. One of the work motivation theories that can help JC’s casino is the reinforcement theory. The reinforcement theory is all about rewards and reinforcement and how they can affect an individual’s behavior (Spector, 2008). The reinforcement theory was proposed by B.F. Skinner and states “states that individual’s behavior is a function of its consequences” (“Reinforcement Theory of Motivation”, n.d.).

The reinforcement theory does not focus on internal states. Skinner believed that people are not free and are controlled by their environment. Although it appears people are motivated by internal causes, usually the causes can be related to the environment (Feist & Feist, 2009). According to this theory if behaviors are rewarded then the desired behaviors will repeat. The employees that are employed at JC’s casino are not being rewarded for any positive behaviors so the work is declining. The employees are all overworked and the hard work they put into their job do not get noticed. In the case of the housekeepers their job is not getting any better; instead it is getting increasingly worse. The job is not only getting worse for the housekeepers but for those who have to help with the housekeeping as well. The number of housekeepers continuingly decreases but the numbers of rooms that need to be cleaned stay the same. This is causing more work for the housekeepers.

Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion or equity. The justice theory focuses on the fair treatment of individuals within the organization. People value fair treatment, which motivates them to maintain fairness within their organizational relationships (Guerrero, Andersen, & Afifi, 2007). This theory values fairness and motivates people to maintain the fairness between the organization and themselves (Spector, 1999). Within the justice theory is the equity theory. The equity theory attempts to explain relational satisfaction in terms of perceptions of fair/unfair distributions of resources within interpersonal relationships. The equity theory believes that people attempt to create as well as maintain fairness between the organization and the employees. When people are treated fairly and equitably, ordinarily they will change the level of their performance in the organization (Spector, 2008). Being treated fairly are what people look at and compare to how others are treated.

The pit boss Joe has created an environment within the workplace that is very displeasing. The employees are pushed to work harder and harder. It can be said that he creates a toxic environment for the employees to work in. At JC’s casino the employees there are not treated fairly and the hard work they put into their job is not noticed with any rewards. Due the environment that they are now working in they are not happy and have grown to become resentful and angry. The management’s expectancies must change in order to keep their current employees. In order for changes to be made the human resources director has to confront Joe about the issues at hand. According to Spector (2008), “a job stressor is a condition or situation at work that requires an adaptive response on the part of the employee”. There are many contributing factors to occupational stressors.

Research claims excessive workloads have psychological, physical, and behavioral effects and can lead to anxiety, frustration, job dissatisfaction, and the intention to quit (Hausknecht, Rodda, & Howard, 2009). Being able to get along well professionally with other individuals is an essential element in the well-being of employees, and failing to get along can be a severe source of tension within the workplace (Spector, 2008). Conflicts within the workplace between coworkers and supervisors are also something can may contribute the stressors at work. In this scenario some of the contributing factors include social stressors. Another factor in this occupation that may cause stress is workplace mistreatment. Workplace mistreatment consists of harassment, aggression, rudeness, bullying, and harassment that are geared towards an individual by other individuals at work. At JC’s casino the dealers have to deal with mistreatment from Joe as well as poor management.

Because they are dealing with these things in the workplace they are leaving their jobs at JC’s casino and going to other casinos despite the cut in pay. As far as the housekeepers go, they are dealing with the occupational stressor burnout. Burnout is a psychological state associated with lack of motivation and fatigue while at work. Due to the fact that the casino is understaffed and do not have enough housekeepers, the ones that are employed are working long hours and cleaning more rooms then average. To help fix the problem of being understaffed they can hire more housekeepers. The human resources director would need to recruit some potential employees and interview for the position. In order to make a better workplace for the dealers and the housekeepers there need to be some changes. These changes need to happen within the management. Job satisfaction is how content an individual is with his or her job. Job satisfaction is the variable within the individual that reflects how he or she feels about his or job overall along with the various aspects of the job (Spector, 2008). At JC’s casino the employees have shown in their exit interview that they do not have job satisfaction.

Although JC’s casino offers a higher pay rate the employees do not feel as though they have a fair or favorable environment to work in. as far as the dealer go the satisfaction of their job has been directed at the management. Joe, the pit boss, has been described as overbearing, toxic, and incompetent. These issues have not been addressed because the HR director has been too afraid to confront the owner. The human resources director has also failed to hire adequate staff in order to fulfill the jobs at hand. In order to make these changes within the staff to maintain the sufficient amount of staff the HR director needs to talk with the owner about the issues discussed in the exit interviews. If the HR director is unable to fulfill the necessary things in order to implement these changes then maybe he should be replaced as well. In order to maintain retention of employees they might reward behaviors. Letting staff know that they are appreciated is a big deal and will promote desired behaviors. Joe, the pit boss, may need to be trained properly in his managerial skills.

He possesses characteristics that turn away employees. By retraining him he may learn characteristics that a manager should have. If Joe cannot adhere to these suggestions then it would be in the casino’s best interest to replace him. By doing these things employee retention can be regained. Counterproductive behavior in the work environment has far-reaching implications that affect employees throughout the organization (Yang, 2008). Counterproductive behavior is behavior within an organization that slows down the business. Counterproductively may be the result of an employee trying to escape, either permanently or temporarily, from a work situation he or she finds unpleasant (Spector, 2008). There are many counterproductive behaviors that are happening within the casino. Some of these include Joe’s unprofessionalism and his incompetent behavior towards the employees. Other counterproductive behavior within the casino include the inability to staff the housekeeping department with enough people and the HR director’s inability to identify and resolve the matters at hand.

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