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‘In Cold Blood’ written by Truman Capote was a thrilling murder story about a loved and respected family in a small town. The Clutter family consisted of the daughter Nancy Clutter, the son Kenyon Clutter, and the parents Bonnie and Herbert Clutter. Nancy was a very beautiful and popular girl in the city of Holcomb, Kansas. She was loved and adored by everyone, little girls looked up to her as someone to grow up to be. Kenyon was a smart yet strange and awkward 15 year old boy. Nancy and Kenyon were the youngest children Bonnie and Herbert had left that still lived with them. Herbert was the owner of River valley farm, a much respected man of the town. He was a strict Methodist, and was involved with a lot of organizations. He was a big part of the Federal Farm Credit Board, and cared about a lot of people. On November 14, 1959 it was a normal day for the Clutters, but on the opposite side of Kansas a man named Perry Smith met with Dick Hickcock.

On that day they got in their car with rope cord, adhesive tape, a shot gun, a knife and headed over to the Clutter house. November 15 the first body to be discovered was Nancy’s, by her best friend Susan Kidwell and another friend of Nancy’s. Nancy was bound by her hands and feet and shot in her face. The mother, Bonnie, was found the same way as the daughter, except she was gagged. Kenyon was found in the basement sitting up on the couch and shot directly in the face. As for Mr. Clutter he was found in the furnace, with his throat cut, tortured and shot in the head laying on a mattress board. The police were astounded by this event. No one knew who could have done this horrific deed. In the meantime, Dick and Perry had a quick plan to book it to Mexico. When they get to Mexico they spent their time charming a rich, German tourist. This doesn’t last long at all, for they run out of money and made a plan to head back to the states.

Alvin Dewey, the K.B.I agent put in charge of this case, was getting absolutely nowhere. There weren’t really any leads, suspects, and hardly any clues. But, a man in the Kansas state prison, Floyd Wells, is pretty darn sure he knows it is Dick Hickcock that was involved with this murder, but keeps quite for a while cause he’s not sure if he should snitch or not. But, by the time Dick and Perry are hiking through the American desert, Wells has already blown their secret. Agent Dewey and the team of police are on a complex manhunt.

Before the police find them, Perry and Dick finally stole a car, headed back to Kansas, wrote up some more hot checks, and then headed to Miami. They then retreat to Las Vegas, while they are there a woman police officer catches a glimpse at their license plate, and realizes that they are wanted. Once they are finally caught, Dick confesses to everything and Perry follows as told. The trial was quick, and painless, well except for Dick and Perry. They were faced with the death penalty, and were in jail for 5 years before they were finally put to death.

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