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In Our Development Phase We Started Off With a Train Station Essay Sample

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In Our Development Phase We Started Off With a Train Station Essay Sample

In our development phase we started off with a train station. We had all sorts of people. We had police, teenagers, lost people, foreign people, a pickpocket and old people. We also had people calling out the train times arrival and boarding. It was incredibly realistic. I played a man about thirty who had lost his daughter. I acted this out by constantly rubbing my face and itching my head in worry. I also looked quite down and upset as a man would. I asked people if they had seen a young girl with short blond hair and a red coat. A lot of people ignored me as they were busy trying to get from place to place.

Then I was asked to act like a homeless person. Nobody but me knew that I had been introduced so that we could find out different peoples reactions. I felt sad and lonely. Despite the crowds of people you still felt isolated. I went and sat down quietly in a corner with my blazer as my blanket. I asked people for money most the looked down at me in discussed. Then some women came along and took me with them. They sat me down and gave me some money and a drink. They kept me warm an companied. The strange thing was that I didn’t like all the attention. It seemed to much. This could be because you feel like you can’t trust anybody.

I was then asked to enter a males toilet with to men wither side of the cubical. The only place left was to go in the middle. The men looked round at me and then started commenting on the smell of me. I didn’t bother going to the toilet and left. It felt like there was much point on ruining other peoples time by being there. You don’t feel wanted by people and when people do help you to much u feel like they are mocking you.

We then had to do a monologue with only using one prop. Whatever it was we did it had to be related to homeless people in some way. In my monologue I sat centre stage with a light shining on my. You could move into the dark to show remorse or sadness. My monologue was something like this:-

(Knelt down centre stage) Who am I?(pause and looks around looking confuse) I don’t know anymore (sadly and looking upset) I see these people pass me in the street, WHO LOOK AT ME IN DISCUST (said quite strongly and sat up with clench fist.) I sit around all day, yeah all flipping DAY! They don’t know how bad it feels to sit there with no money in your pocket and can’t get a job. You know they have spare money. You were like them once. But you don’t give a dam!(Really angry now with a frown on your face and loud voice) I WANT TO MAKE A STAND!(stands up on the word stand and stomps foot loudly on the floor) I want to show these horrible people who I really am. What I am about. What my life is about. Yeah who I am.(still loud an strong) But who am I? What am I? (sighs and kneels down looking sad) I am a nothing. I used to be a 6 or a 7 before I was here. Living my life happily from day to day. (sitting up straight) But now look at me (in disgust) I am a 1 or even a 0 in society. Nobody gives a dam about me.(sadly spoken and looks down) I am a nothing, a no-one, a nobody to anyone (lays down and curls up looking sad).

In there I used a series of levels. These levels represented my characters emotions. The two emotions were sadness and anger . I went up levels as my temper rose. This made people listen more and make them pay attention. Like my character would have wanted. When laid down I was sad and nobody would of wanted to listen.

I also used facial expressions to show me feelings. I frowned and went red when I was angry. When I was sad my mouth went down and I looked miserable. This was combined with the levels and my tone of voice. I used a quite, soft voice when I was sad. This made the audience fill dory for me and made me feel really sorry for myself. When I was angry I used a loud snarling voice. This was so I got my point across to other people. It also made the audience listen more (as if they were the people in the streets who weren’t homeless).

We then started to look at a young girl called Tat. We learned her mum was taken away to Jail and her dad was dead. There she was taken to a homeless shelter. She stayed there for quite a long while but a staff member used to bully her. After a while she left because of it and went of to the world as a homeless person. She was rapped and threatened many times. Older women used to beat her up as well. We then started doing scenes about Tats life. We did a scene where Tat was in the homeless shelter. I came in as the person who was looking after the homeless people.

I had Russell (a younger male homeless child) on my side. He enjoyed bullying Tat. Tat had a friend on her side but Tat I don’t think tort much of her. She liked her but she wasn’t enough to stay. Then she left. That’s as far as our play went. My character was meant to be quite a strong, young man. He was quite immature and a bit sexist. I tried to show I was young and immature by acting like it. On one occasion my character called Joe pretended to trip up so he could splash lots of water all over Tat. He laughed really loud and said in a really sarcastic and patronising voice “Oh sorry.”

This was to show my characters evilness and hatred towards Tat. I also stood up above her whilst she sat down. This reflected the fact that I had more power than she had. The little boy who was on my side showed that I was only one sided. He acted as my conscious. Bitter and twisted in the head, not giving a dam how other people feel about my actions. On Tats side she had a friend who also acted as her conscious. She was caring and sweet but did have a bit of a temper/ Not much of one but a little one. She acted the facts why Tat thought she shouldn’t leave. Tat her self acted the reasons why she should. If you were watching it from Tat’s and Joe’s eyes you would only see them. The other people were their thoughts not meant to be people at all. We could have had their thoughts being said out from the background.

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