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In Praise of Sport Essay Sample

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In Praise of Sport Essay Sample

Sport doesn’t promote violence. It brings people together. It helps to promote the importance of physical exercise and everyone is able to do something and are welcomed into it.

The Paralympics allow disabled people to also take part in sport. This brings all types of people together from different places and backgrounds and allows them to understand people that are different from themselves. The Paralympics has an audience just as big on television as the Olympic Games. The passion is the same. Everyone is still standing up in the stands cheering everyone on, waiting to see who will win and take home the gold. It lets people understand and appreciate disabled people and show there is nothing wrong with them, they are normal people like themselves and helps prevent discrimination. So if anything it brings peace and unity.

Sport brings peace and unity to the streets as well. It gives young people something to do instead of walking around of an evening and vandalising property and drinking or being accused of it. It gets them working hard and is good for their bodies. They get to know new people and work on their social skills. Some people that go to sports clubs can have a real talent with which they can go far as young people are being recognised now more than ever. The Junior London Marathon allows young people to take part and feel they have achieved something special too. It gives opportunities and allows people to experience new things and have new choices in their lives.

Famous sport personalities like David Beckham give to charities and promote sport to young people that are on the streets and have talent. They themselves weren’t particularly well off or clever, but their talent has kept them off the streets and given them a career that allows them to give others the same opportunities that they had. They are role models. They have determination and show that if you really want something, you can get it. They are modest people that just want their chance at a good career like everyone else. They teach valuable lessons about how physical exercise is good for you and you can have fun while doing it. You can keep in shape and you can do well without the aid of drugs. Surely these people are good role models for everyone?

All the big names in sport give to charities and bring people together in other ways too. Fans that support different league teams, which are usually against each other, are brought together to support the national team. This gives the nation unity, which really spurs on the players to do well in their match. People in pubs, at the stadium etc, socialise and get to know all kinds of people and share their views and interests of the sport. In some cases it can bring a whole community together and make it a close, trusting community by breaking down the barriers between people. Wouldn’t you like to live in that kind of community? The World Cup 2002 was an example of how well we can get on and support our nation and others, even if they beat us. It is the good will for all the competitors. Everyone spoke about it and it brought people closer together by them getting to know one another.

Bringing people together so that they can learn about different cultures is one of the life lessons sport teaches. It also teaches us from a young age that we should work as a team and co-operate with others. It teaches self-discipline in that you can make yourself do things to achieve a positive result. These lessons stay with us for life and we are better people for it as we can achieve more than we can on our own. It teaches us to ask for help if we need it so things don’t go wrong. It can help you in your jobs because you have to work as a team there too don’t you? The lessons are a positive influence on us and our lives.

Sport influences many good things in people and what they do. It makes people proud of their nation and of their own abilities. It brings the community together and brings them peace of mind when youngsters aren’t out walking the streets. It makes everyone feel good and everyone can take part even if it’s just spectating as that’s what spurs people on. It is good for physical and mental health which can help in everyday life. Overall the influences are all good so how could sport possibly be considered bad?

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