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The article of Teaching Real Analysis in the Land of Make Believe is a very nice article. It had made learning Calculus simple because it is stated in a child friendly way. Instead of using long and difficult equations and definitions, it is stated through a form of a tale. The author used the different symbols in calculus as its characters. This made the students more interested in the field of calculus. They can easily remember the equations during examinations because of the excellent story that their professor had made. It can be easily remembered rather than memorizing and understanding all the equations in calculus. Because for students, reading tales and stories is more fun than memorizing all the equations in calculus.

In reading tales, the students can make imaginations out of the story they have read. While in studying equations and definitions, you will have much more time in understanding and memorizing it. So the idea of their professor was a great one. It had made the students passed the examinations on calculus. During examinations on calculus, they can easily answer the problems. They can easily remember the equations by just recalling the story of King Epsilon: A tale of convergence on the Real Line. This story is really a great help on students that is having a difficult time in studying calculus. Thanks to Julie Barnes for making the tale a wonderful and informative story.

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