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Inclusion: Discrimination and Healthy Child Development Essay Sample

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Inclusion: Discrimination and Healthy Child Development Essay Sample

Policies and Procedures are put in place to ensure healthy child development and promotion of access to equality. Some factors such as personal attitude & values, promotion of cultural diversity and promotion of anti-discrimination should be considered when following procedures. Others opinions when expressed can have consequences when they are not being prevented. Everyone has morals and values some of these can have an impact on those around you particularly within a school environment. If you are to express opinions or views to those around you, it is likely to have an effect on their opinion. With children and young people they develop opinions and views as part of their child development.

Around about 3- 5 years children start to form strong opinions on what they like and dislike. This is also counteracted with adult’s opinions, at the age of 5-7 years at early primary stage their awareness of right and wrong is more prominent this is built by information being processed from those around them. This could mean that teacher’s opinions could affect a child’s opinion. A percentage of teaching can be seen as acting and the same goes for support staff. It is important to leave negativity behind you therefore putting on a smile thus meaning leaving bad behaviour and attitudes behind you. If a member of staff is negative and shows this attitude to others it will also have a negative effect on those around, including children. If a child is spoken to in a positive manner this is more likely to make them feel good about themselves this will affect their emotional development. If a teacher or TA is in a nasty mood and takes it out on everyone this will not only show unprofessional behaviour but also can affect children’s attitude making them feel upset/ angry and may result in bad behaviour or anti-social behaviour.

It is of high importance to promote anti discriminatory practice when working with children and young people due to their vulnerability and the effects this can have on their emotional development. The Equality Act 2010 states 7 terms of discrimination these are guidelines these all show various ways that discrimination can happen in everyday scenarios. The Importance to promote anti-discrimination allows children to develop a healthy and open minded view throughout life it enables them to experience all walks of life without being judge or judging others. This means that they gain more of a chance for a healthy development and are more socially stable. If it is made acceptable to discriminate there would be a likely hood of anti- social behaviour to be accepted through bullying etc. Therefor the reasons to promote anti-discrimination is to set a standard, this also influences children through effects of personal values and behaviour.

To challenge discrimination it is always important to understand practice of anti-discrimination. It may be unintentional or intentional however discriminations should not be accepted. In the case of an act of discrimination it should be challenged by pin pointing what has been said or done that is discriminating. By being aware and ahead of such issues it can then be explained and a discussion on how discrimination can affect people’s development. To discriminate could make a child feel confused, upset, angry, and leave them feeling unconfident. Following up any issue of discrimination means reporting and recording therefore protecting the rights of the child and making each child feel important. It is important to be assertive and understand the correct way to challenge discriminating behaviour. An example of correct behaviour towards discrimination would be informative, understanding and have to ability to clarify the importance of promoting anti-discrimination.

Inclusion and inclusive practices means to promote equality and diversity. Every Child Matters states 5 outcomes which are to be followed to ensure inclusion within school this also means that each child is catered to in regards to their individual needs. Inclusion practice also means to differentiate task to ensure that regardless of ability or personal circumstances every child can be involved/ participate this leads to equality. For example support staff can be involved in order to ensure support is given to those that may need individual support in order to participate in classroom task. Other ways to ensure inclusion would be to be aware of pupil’s behaviour so support or guidance is given to enable participation.

In conclusion in order to promote well-being and healthy child development it is important to be assertive and understand the needs of the child. This means challenging discrimination making sure no child is left ignored and remembering children have rights and are particularly vulnerable throughout these years in their life. The behaviour of those around them staff and peers can affect their own development. Therefor if they are received negativity whether it is discrimination or attitude from others this can make a negative impact on their well- being. Inclusion practices will have an adverse effect if not followed in the correct manner in accordance to the policies and procedures put in place. This shows that inclusive practices if understood and followed will eliminate discrimination and anti-social behaviour.

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