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Independent Reading Assignment Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

To Eragon Bromsson:

After reading how you killed the Ra’zac I wonder how you felt after getting retribution from the Ra’zac at Helgrind after they killed your uncle Garrow and how you saved Katrina, but left Sloan to rot in Helgrind for the rest of his life. It shocked me that you would pass judgment like so and not let him have a chance to defend himself. While you were in Ellesmera and Rhunon was constructing Brisingr through your body where you aware of your surroundings at the time where you not in touch with your body at the time while Rhunon was controlling you? I was surprised that when you named Brisingr that the blade burst into flames as if it was a spell. I understand why it did because Brisingr means fire. I was stunned when Murtaugh killed Oromis and Glaedr in battle at Feldster. I was even more astonished when you envisioned it as the battle was happening. Oromis was your mentor and your friend and help you become a better Dragon Rider. Sincerely,

Teddy Cange

March 27, 2013

To Roran Garrowsson:

After reading about your daring attack on The Empire’s supply stores and how you disobeyed orders to save your men. I read how you were flogged after the mission, which was successful, for insubordination and then you were later promoted to a commander because of your bravery. I r

ead that you lead the Varden into Feldster. In the book, you later team up with Eragon to defeat the

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Ra’zac and rescue your wife Katrina. I wondered how it felt to be inside Helgrind the Ra’zac’s lair. I read that you got married later after you returned from the camp and that Katrina is pregnant. You also broke your hand in this stage in the story. On that note, how will you be able to fight and command the troops of the Varden when you are unable to fight in the battles? Though I admire the fact that your still try to fight with your other hand but you do not fight as well as you usually do and encounter multiple brushes with death. Sincerely,

Teddy Cange

March 29, 2013
To King Orrin:

Towards the end of the book you have some problems with the Varden and its enemies. At the battle of Feldster you encounter an enemy that does not feel pain and there for cannot be killed. I admire the fact that you figured out that you how to defeat this enemy by cut their heads off. Also I read there are also assassins trying to kill you. I find it daunting that you would not have security even after an attempt on life has occurred; so I ask you why did you not get security to protect you after the assassination attempt? I read that you also had a problem with the Varden because of the money that I takes from Surda to fund its war effort. They also are bringing the attention of the Empire and you fear that you will be attacked soon if the Varden keep attacking the Empire. Sincerely,

Teddy Cange

April 1, 2013

To Mr. Christopher Paolini:
Subject: I have a few questions about Brisingr

I have a few questions about Brisingr. My first question is why doesn’t King Orrin use security after the attempt on his life? If Orrin is the King he should be able to get guards to keep him safe. It seems foolish to risk his life just to hold on to his pride. Also how does Eragon envision Oromis’ and Glaedr’s death even though he wasn’t there? Eragon was not with Oromis when he died but still sees when he dies in battle. Overall, Brisingr was a great book that was very imaginative and had a great plot.

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