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In my option the reason that some adolescents are more motivated to commit crimes and others in the same circumstances are not; there many factors that will come into play on an individual person. I always thought that it was the way a juvenile was brought up and the area they live in that makes them who they are and what they do, but after reading all the material on this subject I come to realize there are more to the eye that meets the eye. There are many reasons why juveniles do what they do. I have always seen where people were doing crimes in front of their children so when their children got to an age where they could commit crimes they would follow in their parents footsteps. As I have done some reading on the different theories on why juveniles commit crimes I have realized it can be a form of inheriting family traits but most of it is by choice made by an individual. Many believe that delinquents make a rational choice before committing a crime and they call this General deterrence. Many of delinquents do make their own decision on whether to commit a crime or not, a lot of them make these choices due to the fact that there friends do and they don’t want to look like a loser to them, or even just seeing what their friends are getting by committing these crimes rather it be selling drugs to make money from it or stealing to get nice things either way they believe they will not face any consequences or they just don’t think it will be a bad punishment, even if they get caught the punishment will not be as bad as getting a new Xbox for example.

There have been studies done saying if we teach the children at a young age not to commit crimes and do cretin things which are not good for you has helped out over the years, it hasn’t got rid of the problem but it has help a lot. (“Office of Research”, 2010). Other might believe that adolescents might also commit crimes because there personality controlled by unconscious mental processes developed in their early childhood, which this is called psychodynamic theory. This goes back to where is have discussed where children see what their parents or an older sibling. According to Juvenile Delinquency Prevention (2010), if you do not show a child the importance of following the rules or the law they will come to believe they can do what they want with no consequences in the end. It is more likely for a child to commit a crime if they are shown by someone that it is normal to sell drugs or steal if you want it to go for it. In reality that is not the way of thinking if you want something you have to work for it the right way not commit crimes to get thing. I believe that if we continue to teach children at a young age that it is not good to commit crimes and if they are caught committing they will be punished. It is shown in studies that it has helped to cut down on crime from juveniles but it has not completely got rid of the problems.

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