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The wave that has brought with it the computer age has and continues to evolve as technology grows and becomes more complicated. Web 2.0 can be interpreted as an emerging group of new social sites that have come to encompass the entirety of human interaction as bets as possible and transferred it to an online platform (Golding, 2008). Popular social sites such as Facebook and YouTube have endeavored to change the way that people use IT systems. With the increasing use of these Web 2.0 sites/applications and the growing power of social media, there is a distinct impact that this has had on the use of IT systems. With mobile telephony more of a formality with the smartphone wave ensuring that more and more people can gain access to these Web 2.0 platforms (Parsons, 2013). Some of the changes come in the form of organizations turning to social media to drive their agendas. Websites like Twitter can start a trend that reaches millions of people. The smartphones mentioned have made it possible to have mini-versions of these social platforms as well as Web 2.0 sites making the reach that companies have even larger (Golding, 2008).

Through such mediums, organizations are increasingly targeting new customers through innovative online marketing programs. Nowadays a company cannot currently exist without a social media presence. It has now become somewhat a necessary considering the way people are only increasing the time they spend online. Another concept to emerge from this is that of metadata with research now taking a specific and intensive design as Google leads in this segment. IT systems are increasingly making the world more connected and transcending distance (Parsons, 2013). Mobile Devices and IT Systems The primary concept that springs to mind with mobile devices is derived from its name. The way in which these devices are easily movable from one point to another allows for increased connectivity. The way that these devices affect the use of IT systems can be seen through the digitization of business processes (Parsons, 2013). Companies are increasingly finding ways to ensure that their business processes are compatible with the mobile network. Incompatibility can see a company lose a significant slice of market share due to rigid processes that do not allow for better connectivity.

The main implication, however, is speed. With increased speed for carrying out functions, people can produce more and at an increased efficiency level. The use of mobile devices in organizations contains a standard of risk (Clarke, 2008). This is despite the potential positives to be had from their use. The main dangers of using the mobile device are, notwithstanding their sophistication; their portability makes them prime targets for other companies or unscrupulous hackers. Gaining access to such devices has become easier because employees are allowed to go home with their laptops and company phones at times. This brings about major loopholes that could be exploited. The main way to protect this is to ensure that whatever device is removed from the office has anti-hacking software that allows for any breaches in security to be countered before any damage is done. For instance, certain Blackberries erase the data stored in them when compromised (Parsons, 2013).

This is in addition to limiting their use as there may be health problems that occur from persistent use such as deteriorating eyesight and in extreme cases growth of cancerous cells due to overexposure. Disruptive Technology In the course of installing new technology, there are disruptions that may occur with regards to their installation into the existing system. For a technology to be classified as disruptive, it has to replace another more established brand of technology by employing greater efficiency so as to be able to make a lasting impact (Golding, 2008). An example is the way the PC replaced the typewriter. The primary disruption is that it forces a rethink. There remains the need to ensure that the new technology is mastered and contributes positively towards a more efficient future. The main implication left for an existing business is to make sure that it future-proofs its assets.

Current technology is not always replaced by the advent of a new system. In many circumstances, the primary consideration is that it becomes cheaper, more efficient and fashionable to use the alternative. This has a direct impact on business (Parsons, 2013). To make sure that an IT system is prepared there remains the need to acknowledge the potential superiority of the new and to ensure the current technology is sustainable. What this means is that the existing technology allows for continuous upgrades that improve its efficiency and ensure that any new industry-changing technology can easily be handled (Golding, 2008). Web/Mobile System Paper Facebook is a web application that serves as a social networking platform on which people can interactively communicate with each other. The application works through a website and it connects people from all over the world. The applications help people keep in touch despite the distances. This is because the online platform is more interactive than most of the available applications (Clarke, 2008).

It is an enhanced network more encompassing than e-mail and a lot more social. The networking service is believed to have been developed as a single monolithic application. What this means is that it is one large application that is essentially compartmentalized to allow for numerous people to use at the same time. Since its development in 2004, Facebook has grown to become one of the largest social network applications in the world (Golding, 2008). It is now a multi-billion dollar company accessible to anyone on the globe. There have been continuous changes with regards to design and in-application development so as to enhance the user experience. There are aspects that have been continuously added all through its existence to ensure that the user-friendliness remains. It has the photo and information sharing and allows for the transfer of the social experience from a person’s prom night to the birth of their first child.

It gives the opportunity to share the most intimate of one’s experiences online and share it with people they would have wanted to but cannot for various reasons. As its development went further Facebook evolved with the times. It is now a primary source of news as it allows people logged in all over the world direct access to breaking news. Through its live feed, people can disseminate news from all over the world to their friends and followers and although this may lead to cluttered streams of information, it allows for the faster dissemination of this news (Clarke, 2008). People use Facebook to stay in touch and it helps make it easier. There has been what could be referred to as a paradigm shift with regards to communication. The rise of such social media networks have led to the establishment of the online giant that the company has grown to be. There are other uses that Facebook has acquired over time and with its growth they have diverged to more financial options. The way that businesses have taken over the online space has led to the emergence of social advertising. Companies nowadays have Facebook pages which allow for them to campaign to potential and existing consumers (Parsons, 2013).

The social network allows for businesses to develop a more instant and less rigid structure of the association. People can now get the chance to interact with some of the providers of their necessities. Complaints move much faster and get greater traction. The way that poor business practices can go viral means that these firms have the potential to suffer severe damage instantly. It is not only limited to businesses because any potential organization that has a significant following can use Facebook as a marketing strategy. It is dangerous for a company to neglect the impact of social media and Facebook stands as the most prominent of available resources. It’s an application that has been used as a political tool when people are dissatisfied with their leaders. It has also been converted to platforms for crusades when issues such as environmental conservation have needed to be addressed (Golding, 2008).

The importance of the platform has been established by the number of people who use it and who find it as a necessity. In terms of social media sites, it can be ranked in the top three as the application that anyone above the age of 13 has to be using. It provides an avenue for people to fit in which makes it a major application in terms of web-based concepts. Currently, the application serves a myriad of uses. From making social life available on an online platform for providing a forum for firms to engage their customers and people with a cause an avenue to vent their frustrations. It has increased business as well as created employment with account handling a prominent and established part of the current corporate culture. However, there are different means through which the uses of Facebook can further evolve (Parsons, 2013).

The recent acquisition of the mobile-based application Whatsapp can see Facebook diverge to further uses such as instant messaging and calling over data charges. Integrating Facebook with Whatsapp may be the next move to its evolution. It would lead to greater reach especially to newer market structures such as making the move to text messaging for charges. With its current format, it reaches a large number of people all over the world. Tapping into the text messaging market can see it monetize its revenue on a personal level.


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