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Induction technology Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Many people are looking for cookware that is convenient, efficient, health and safe to use are. The good news is that induction burners provide all these features. Nowadays people are opting to buy the best induction ready cookware sets. Herein, we therefore discuss issues related to induction technology to guide buyers in making informed decision.

What is induction cooking technology?

Induction technology is just electromagnetism where cook wares are heated by magnetic induction instead of thermal conduction. In this technology, the cooktop is built with a metal coil that is electronically controlled. This coil inside the cooktop produces magnetic frequency when electric current passes through it. It is this magnetic frequency that heats up the induction cookware. The cookware efficiently heats up because it is also magnetic. The heat produced is optimal to cook food in the cookware. This induction technology of heating is a highly advanced technology because the cook heats up and its temperatures rises within short time frame. Nowadays serious cooks in homes and restaurants prefer using induction cooktops for cooking. This technology has become popular and it is now available in many kitchens.

The induction cooktops can’t function with the common cook wares with ceramics, aluminium or glass built bases. These c

ooktops/ induction burners only works with induction ready cook wares that are induction compatible.

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Each induction ready cook ware manufacture has his/her technique in producing the best cookware. However, the primary components of this kind of cookware is a ferromagnetic base that is built up with 1-2 heat exchange layers like copper, stainless steel, aluminium among more others.

Recommended Best Induction ready cookware sets reviews

1. Duxtop SSIB-17 Professional 17 piece Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set, Impact-bonded Technology.
This is a professionally made stainless steel induction ready cookware. It is made up of an aluminium sandwich on the bottom, a feature that facilitates a more even heat. The pieces are made up of heavy gauge aluminium that is encapsulated at bottom using the impact bonding technology which helps in transferring heat through an efficient conductor such as aluminium and copper. In addition, the pots and pans have ergonomic handles that are fastened to the body. These handles have anti-slip finish. Their lids are glass-made with a rim of stainless steel. This cookware set safe to use in an oven at 5500F and also dishwasher safe. Consequently, this makes an excellent choice and a right match for those who want to buy a top rated stainless steel induction cookware set under a cost-effective price-range.

The Duxtop SSIB-17 professional 17 piece stainless steel induction cookware set has a total package of varying shapes, size, shape & utility. Once you buy this, rarely will a need of buying another extra pot or pan arise.
Duxtop SSIB-17 professional 17 piece stainless steel induction cookware set includes:

• 2 Pieces of fry pans (8” and 10”).
• 2 pieces of saucepans with lids (1.6 quart and 2.5 quart).
• 1 piece of 4.2 quart casserole with a lid.
• 1 piece of 8.6 quart stock pot with a lid.
• 1 piece of 5.5 quart sauté pan with ergonomic helper handle and lid.
• 1 piece of boiler basket.
• 1 piece of steamer basket.
• 3 pieces of kitchen utensils: 2-prong fork, slotted turner and spoon.

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