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I. Infidelity is a crime that can be prosecuted by law in several states and affects the entire family involved.

A. The prosecutions of infidelity as a crime in many states.
1. Virginia can prosecute if a husband or wife commits adultery and has anti-fornication statues to prevent sex before marriage.
2. In Alabama If any spouse lives together in adultery on the first conviction its $100.00 and be taken to jail for up to six months.

B. Adultery takes away the kids since of security and creates permanent scars.
1. The children may show signs by wetting the bed, clinging, and having nightmares.
2. They are more likely to become pregnant as a teen, have problems at school, and have emotional problems.

II. In other states adultery is not a crime and can be handled as a personal issue without any fault.

A. No-fault divorce is a law that allows dissolution of marriage without a reason.
1. California originated this law in January 1970 and is not legal in every state as of 2010.
2. The states that approved of this law saw a decline in domestic violence.

B. A spouse can leave the marriage in the act of adultery for irreconcilable differences.
1. This will reduce the conflicts during the case of a divorce and shortens the length of time for departure.
2. It allows a spouse to leave the marriage a lot easier and avoid the truth to be revealed to either the other spouse or children.

I placed the most effective argument in the first paragraph because I want to start off in the beginning on why it should be enforced and prosecuted. You tend to remember what you read first it gets the readers attention right away. I will give the most commonly used laws along with information on how it affects the entire family as a whole.

I will address the counter argument as a option the spouse may choose. I will discuss the states that does not have any prosecution along with the adultery divorce rates in those states. I will also be providing the reasons why others may not want it to be a crime because they can leave anytime they want preventing conflicts. It will not weaken my thesis because overall it puts fear in the faithful spouse. It prevents him or her from marriage because the option to divorce without no obligation or reason.

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