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Inflation Essays


Definition of Cost-Push Inflation

The text “Economics” (2nd Edition) by Parkin and Bade gives the following explanation for cost-push inflation: “Inflation can result from a decrease in aggregate supply. The two main sources of decrease in aggregate supply are: •An increase in wage rates

Economic Trends in Brazil

Introduction Brazil’s booming economy has to tame “two wild horses” at the same time. A rising inflation rate coupled with a currency appreciating at a fast rate, is destabilizing the economy. With inflation rising at a rate of 6.3%, soon

Inflation, Unemployment, Labor Force Change in the USA

The article “Inflation, Unemployment, Labor Force Change in the USA” by Ivan Kitov discusses main driving forces of inflation, unemployment rates in the country and, what is more, important, tries to find relation between inflation and unemployment. The author defines

Rising Concerns of Inflation in India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world where the birth rate has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. With an abundance of manpower, it can be said that there is no lack of workforce

Unemployment Inflation

Year after year, the economy of the United States changes and the statistics begin to vary. Measuring economic activities might sound like a straight forward and uncontroversial task, but this is not always the case. Nowadays, the governments of the

Economic Growth and Inflation

Economic Growth Economic growth is the increase in aggregate output between two distinct periods of time (Romer).  Leading to a general improvement in the standard of living, the economic growth of a nation is typically believed to be caused by

Growth & Inflation

            The US Federal Reserve disclosed last August 5 that growth and inflation are its current concerns – specifically, “downside risks to growth and upside risks to inflation.”  The article states that the data on both growth and inflation looked

The National Economy

I. THE SCOPE OF MACROECONOMICS the major macroeconomics issues Economic growth; governments try to achieve high rates of economic growth economies suffer from inherent instability. As a result, economic growth and other macroeconomic indicators tend to fluctuate. Rate of eco

The Effects and Causes of Inflation and Depression

Inflation is the overall level prices of goods and services rapidly increase in an economy over a period time. When the overall price level increases, it will affect the decreasing purchasing power of the currency. An economic inflation is not

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