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Introduction of TOPIC

Money can buy almost anything in this world. It can give you whatever you want to have or give you what you need. Money can give people food, clothes, shelter and medicines of the best kinds depending on what value they will give. One can get money through their allowances, salaries or wages. The only thing to do now is to save it so that it will increase in due time. Money is an object – it may be cash or paper bills. It has a value depending on a country. For example, if your currency is peso, its value will be different in Singapore. Money started when people started trading. In 9000 – 6000 B.C., cattle and cows where used in a form of money, and they used it to exchange for “goods and services”. It had evolved in 1200 B.C. where cowrie shells were used as a form of money. And finally in 1000 B.C., the first metal money was introduced. Modern coinage (silvers), leader money (banknote in China), the nose (cut when failed to pay tax in Danes), paper currency (similar to the first banknotes in China), potlatch (gifts with dances and feasts are involved), wampum (beads) and gold standard (originated in England) became forms of money before the present cash and currency we have today (NOVA, 1996). Today, money is important because without it, people cannot buy their basic necessities to live.

Since it can buy almost everything, it can control the decision of most of the people. Some can “budget it, spend it as it comes, obsess about it, go into debt, hoard it, and so on” (Tatzel, 2003). People may want to have more money because they would want better and most extravagant clothes or bags or shoes. Some people may want to impress visitors in their homes, so they will buy lots of furniture and paintings. Some may reason out that quality is important, but there are cheap things that have a better quality compared to the expensive one. Valuing material possession is similar to valuing what you want

rather than what you need. Some may say that happiness comes from possessions which can be bought by

money, but there are rich people who are not happy even though they have lots of money (Tatzel, 2003). It may also be hard to be poor or to have less money, but it can help people balance what they buy and how to be street-wise. But still, there are some who do bad things because of money. Some steal, some kill and some may gamble to have money. The money they have is called “easy-money”, it happens when money is not worked hard for.

These are some of the disadvantages of not having money, and it is disappointing sometimes because people do not like to work hard and apply what they know through their work. Some of the disadvantages of not having money are being malnourished, having lots of street children and unlawful tenants scattered around the country, increasing number of crimes, and decreasing number of educated people. Money can also be related to the ring in “The Lord of the Rings” written by J. K. Tolkien. The ring can make one very powerful because it can make them invisible and vulnerable to their enemies. Having that power, the one holding it may rule the whole place. Smeagol was one of the victims of the ring. It made him murder his best friend because of the ring was not given to him. Now, it controlled his mind that he would only get the ring for himself. Similar to the ring, money can control people’s mind because it can give them power. If one has a lot of money, they can control other people as well. It is because they would need the money for their family or for their basic needs. This is the reason why labor is involved in terms of money, and people would want to work more because of money.

People should not “work for money”, they should “work to learn” (Kiyosaki, 2001). It is because people would work hard or they would not understand much of their work when they only think about the money. Their work may only be limited to what they would receive. But if they work to learn, their work would not be limited and it would be better. Benjamin Franklin (N.D.) said, “Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.” One can buy everything that he/she wants through money but money cannot be the reason why he/she is happy.

It is the material possession or thing he/she bought that made him/her happy and not the money it. At times, we may think money can make us when we receive it. But the reason why we are happy when we receive it is because we can buy what we want or we have money to buy what we need. Although money can control some of our decisions, we should not be blinded by its power. Money cannot be eaten, cannot be a home, cannot be worn and cannot be placed inside the body as medicines. But, money can buy food, home, clothes and medicines for us to be happy. So, it is not money that makes people happy, but the thing or services people spend using the money.

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