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How have you seen them used in your organization or an organization that you are familiar with? 1. Databases
Databases are a collection of related files or tables containing data. Benefits
1. Databases can lessen the amount of time which is usually spent on managing data. 2. Information becomes more accessible when using a databse. This is because databases allows you to view your data from a variety of different standpoints. 3. Another benefit of database is that it aids in the communication process. If information needs to be spread among a large group of users it would be easier to create a database where they all have access.

Vendor: IBM
Example: DB2-Express
Website: express-c/download.html At the hotel in which I work we have a database system in place which allows us to create an account for each guest. When a guest is about to check in for the first time we ask for their phone number, first and last name as well as their zipcode. In the event we need to find that guest again all we have to do is use the database to pull up their account by their last name. 2. Networks

A network is a connecting system (wireline or wireless) that permits different computers to share resources. Benefits
1. Networks allow for easier sharing of data which saves energy and time. Users will have access to the same information. 2. The internet is a major benefit of a network. The internet provides endless information on millions of topics to users all over the world. 3. Having a network also saves on cost and expenses. Since information and files can be easily and quickly transferred between people this eliminates transportation costs. Vendor: Talari Network

Example: Adaptive Private Networking (APN)

3. eBusiness
The term eBusiness can be defined as the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. Benefits
1. Business hours are flexible as customers have access to the website 24/7. 2. Reduces time and money. Online businesses eliminates money that would be spent on bills such as rent, electricity and other physical office expenses. 3. 3. No Geographic restrictions. Online businesses are able to reach customers all over the world. Vendor: Amazon

Example: Amazon Kindle

Website: We frequently use ebusinesses to purchase many things we use in the hotel such as furniture for the lobby. 4. Wireless

Wireless is the term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves carry the signal over part or all of the communication path. Benefits
1. Wireless services improve customer service as employees are able to access information from different locations in a business. 2. Increase in mobility. Employees and customers are able to move around the building without losing connection to the network. 3. Reduced Installation time. Installing cables and wires are usually time consuming and sometimes require being pulled through walls. When wireless connections are being installed this takes a significantly less amount of time. Vendor: Cisco Systems Inc

Example: Cisco Menaki Cloud Management

Wireless is used on a daily basis at my job. With the wireless internet at the hotel our guests are able to access the internet in all areas of the property. 5. Social Media
Social Media is a form of electronic communication where users are able to interact with each other, share ideas, videos, pictures and exchange information. Benefits
1. Find new customers.
2. Information can be shared faster which is more convenient. 3. Feedback is received quicker. As people are able to post their thoughts as soon as they use the product. Vendor: Twitter Inc
Example: Twitter
We use facebook which is a popular social media site to promote the hotel. Our facebook page informs customers about special rates, discounts and events which may be happening. 6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This is a system which usually involves technology that companies use to manage and analyze their interactions with current and future customers. Benefits
1. Improved customer service. Having a CRM in place allows the company to personalize thir relationhip with each customer. 2. The company becomes more efficient when they are able to organize cutomer contact information, sales and other activities. Vendor: SalesForce

Example: SalesCloud

7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Supply Chain Management is the control of the supply chain as a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Benefits
1. Improves business operations as well as productivity.
2. Businesses are able to build strong supplier netwtorks and partnerships. Vendor: Dell Example

8. Business Intelligence
Business intelligence is a set of practices or techniques which enable the transformation of data into valuable information for business analysis purposes.

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