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Complete the chart below. Include a minimum of 10 information technology milestones or events that impacted human services.

Milestone or Event
Impact on Human Services
The Telephone was created.
The telephone had a huge impact on the way human services were able to reachout to clients and better assist them.

The answering machine was created.
The answering machine was a great way for clients to let their worker know of a problem during none business hours. 1925
The Television was created.
The television is a great way to let clients know of certain services available. 1941
Commerials were designed.
Commericals are a great way to advertise help services available.

The Email was created.
The email helps in the human service field by allowing a worker to reach other workers right away with a full explanation of what the client may need. 1973
The Celluar phone was created.
The cell phone is a great way for clients to reach a human service worker on the go. 1977
The first user friendly computer was designed.
The computer allows easier access to clients info and help services. 1989
The World Wide Web BKA (the internet)
The internet allows access to all help services available in the clients area. The internet offers a wide range of services in the human service field. 1993
The Resource Service System
An online database of public private and community-based human services. 2005
Family Watchdog
This service allows you to see where registered sexual offenders live and work around you and your family.

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